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Walmart also sent me a message that I could receive a $1000 gift card if I filled out all of the info they were asking for, I did but at the last I did not accept their conditions and deleted it. I hope I wasn't to late they asked so many questions I answered no to most of them especially if I had a bank account I especially said no I did not, I just hope they didn't or can't apply any versus to my computer. This has to be stopped if this is a third party that is sending out these messages to consumers then they need to put an end to these scammers, taking advantage of consumers is so unfair they need to be found and prosacuted.

Thanks, Yolanda

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Not sure what a "versus" is that anyone would wish to add to your computer. However, are you sure the email came from Walmart or a scam site imitating Walmart? You probably need to be much more discerning when opening unsolicited emails from anyone.

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