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I purchased a 55' Vizio TV and paid $39.00 for 3 year coverage at the time I made my purchase the clerk told me it covered accidental damage so I took her word and paid for the insurance. Then one day after moving around my living room furniture my TV fell and my screen broke I called it in since I paid for insurance I was told by all state it was not covered for accidental damage when I called Walmart to ask for info regarding this the lady told me that's what they are told to say even though it's not covered for accidental damage so it's a scam to get customers to pay basically an extra $40 for nothing.

Insurance tells you they only cover if your TV goes out (bulb.ect.) wouldn't that be a manufacturer default or problem so why pay for the insurance in the first place and who's scamming customers is it Allstate or Walmart or are they both in on it? think of how many customers have purchased insurance and never had products replaced.

User's recommendation: Insurance is a scam from both Walmart and Allstate don't pay for it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Protection Plan.

Monetary Loss: $410.

Preferred solution: Replace my TV with an exchange .

Walmart Pros: I usually love shopping at walmart.

Walmart Cons: Protection plan scams clerks are lying to consumers.

Location: 100 Ryan Drive, Red Oak, TX 75154

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I have always made sure to cover my assets with insurance due to having 4 kids. I am a disabled vet and my knee gave out causing me to crash into the T.V.

so not the kiddos fault... I went and found my receipt, tried to make a claim, well lo and behold even after reassurances of FULL coverage they wont cover it.

Why would I pay for extended manufacturing warranty when I am already covered. REALLY?$@#> rant concluded.


I would never buy another PlayStation or Xbox controller from Walmart ever again because of their new protection plan it was way easier at GameStop


They don't cover the damage if someone gets mad and throws the television across the room.


What if I get mad and hit it with a golf club because my favorite movie was cancelled?


Did you bother reading the plan you purchased? Doesn't $39 sound cheap for a 3year plan that would cover "accidental" damage? My guess is that most people with that plan would "accidentally" knock the TV over just before the 3 years was up just to get a new, up to date TV.


After being misinformed about the protection plan I now know I was led to believe it was covered for accidents. If you want to be a *** then don't comment on my review.


This is a open form. If you don't want people to respond to you.

Then you should of not wrote a review into the first place. You're acting like a dumb...


This is exactly what I tell people who say "stay off my review" or "mind your own business" When you post on a public forum anyone and their mother can reply. They are dumb.

Also I bet that they are lying about what the employee said. If this were true all the ex employees who got fired would come public with this.




This is a public forum. If you cannot take criticism without childish name calling I suggest you do not post on a public forum.


Wow you are a total internet troll aren't you? Computers and kindles are covered that way with everything covered so why not TVs you dumb *** .

Stop harassing people that didnt ask your opinion.

Troll. Also lady that got harrassed sorry you had to deal with this jerk...

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