Sanger, California
Not resolved

Yesterday I had to take extra time to go customer service to get my money back. While waiting in line I talked to four other customers with same problem.

Are employees supposed to gouge us to make more money for Walmart or themselves? Are cashiers doing this on purpose?

What's going on? There are no bargains at this price We must ALLdouble check receipt at the check stand from now on.

Walmart is the only grocery store in my town therefore I'm stuck on occasions of time constraints.

I would not be so upset if there were more choices in grocers.I'm beginning to think its a plan or a heist.

Very disappointed indeed.

Reason of review: overcharged.

Preferred solution: train cahiers better or update scanning devices.

Walmart Pros: Store size, Selection of items.

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Lol! Talk about paranoid!

Its called accidental scans by a very sensitive register, its not intentional. If the cashier didn't notice it then you can bring it to her attention and she/he will be more than happy to fix it for you right then instead of waiting for the transaction to complete and having to go to customer service. Its quite simple really.

Stop trying to turn it into some giant conspiracy against the customers. Lol


Those scanners are very sensitive so more than likely they are not doing it on purpose. Watch the screen as they scan items and have them hit "Error Correct" or "Void" or whatever anytime they make that mistake.