Westbrook, Maine
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Wal-mart in Scarboroug Maine check out sucks bad. evertime I go sometime early,afternoon or night. They ony have a few check out open. I have seen the lines with ten people or more to check out. Even quick check out is bad. I have waitted more the 20 min to check out.

Well today was it for me. Today July 31st 2012 at 11:30. I had two things in my hand wa;-mart had 6 check outs open all full and I mean full. I asked a lady who was just standing there with a clip board if she was going to open up a check out ( I was nice about it ). She was very nasty to me and said AM WORKING ON IT!!! Well that did it for me. I handed ove my twp fishing poles and told her to work on putting this back on your shelf. I have been going to Scarborugh Maine for a long time and it's always the same never enogh check out open. I found this women very nasty and she should not be working there she does not care about custmers one bit. I will not go back to that store ever. Not that it matters to them they have other custmers but I have heard other people say the same thing about this store in Scarborouh Maine. If they keep it up the will lose more people. I will be doing my shopping in a nother store that is not far from thier store. If this was somthing that happen once in a while then ok I can understand. However I go thier all the time 3 time a week or more. This is always how the store is. The check out needs to get better. Your Windham Maine store is great no matter what time I go there. Scarborough once again checkout sucks and you need a new lead person who knows how to treat thier custmers.

Thank you

Lisa Lessard

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So it was your assumption that the employee you talked to never even thought about opening a lane? Times are tough, stores are cutting back hours to save money and keep prices low. If you don't like it, go spend 3x's as much a Bass Pro.