Jacksonville, Florida
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if u give a store a check it should be accepted not told by telecheck that it is not acceptable who is tele check to say that and scare people that they have a red flag ........God is Watching Out For His Kids!!!!! SO what would jesus do!!!!!

angie wal mart and computer who is telecheck to deny people what they need and want that really burns me up that some company thinks they can threaten people into thinking there is something wrong with them that they want to pay with checks what's wrong here TELECHECK!!!!! u guys are all wet!!!!

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If this is what a high school graduate types like in Jacksonville Florida you are scaring me : From ever visiting Jacksonville Florida.


Telecheck will refuse to accept your check ONLY if you have one that has beer turned and not paid for or if you have several returned NSF within a period of time, I am guessing that you like paycheck to paycheck and this is an ongoing issue with you, I would suggest that you get a debit card.


YOU knew that walmart uses telecheck, now you are mad that they do? Why?

You knew before going there. You could go somewhere else.


It's time to step into the brave world of 1996 and use a debit card.


maybe there was something wrong with your check? did you ever think about that?

like the others said, switch to a debit or credit card.

it's faster, easier and not any different. I mean with a credit card you'll pay interest but not a debit card.


A) You should be happy there are places that still even accept checks.

B) If the Tele-Check says there is a problem with your check, it usually is in regards to bouncing checks so get your own finances right before complaining about them ensuring they get theirs.


You sound like so many other idiots who think they have some "God" given right to drive, board an airplane, etc. Businesses are under NO obligation to accept your check! It's 2012, use a freaking debit card.


Writing checks in public is very dangerous to your bank account in today's world. Use a debit or (better) a credit card.


Many retailers use Telecheck because of so many deadbeats writing bad checks. Retailers have lost a lot of money over bad checks.

Telecheck is an effective way to keep from getting amounting financial losses from bad checks. I realize the system is not perfect, but then again nothing on this earth is perfect.

Don't ever write a bad check and you shouldn't have issues with this service. This is not just Wal-Mart.