After purchasing $1250 worth or new Michelin tires from Walmart, they broke three of five tire pressure monitors in my Toyota 4Runner.

Walmart sent us 50 miles to the nearest Toyota dealer and they discovered the problem, but Walmart only agreed to pay for one of the three monitors

The assistant manager at Walmart was rude, uncooperative and demanded that we sign a release. Needless to say, we have not signed anything and two of the monitors have not been replaced at this time.

In the future, I will spend more money and go to a dealer who bothers to train their employees and stand behind their work.

I have been told that all tires will have pressure monitors in the future so beware consumers. Don't purchase tires where the employees have not been trained on how to properly handle these devices. The monitors cost in excess of $120 and this could set you back a pretty penny.

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