Gothenburg, Nebraska

went to them to change my oil . thought it all went well until i tried to change my oil the next time.

they had impacted and lock tighted my oil plug back on . so i took it back to them rather my wife did .the employee working told her it was a theft proventitive, and that in fact it was thier fault but they could not get it out . BUT if i wanted to take it to a local dealer and have them remove because they did not want to break my oil pan they would reimbers me for the cost.

i dont have the money to replace an oil pan if they screw it up let alone a dealer. walmart is a muti billion dollar company you would think they would employ the right people for the job they are diong

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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I'm going to assume by the way you spelled it that you have no idea what reimburse means. It means you get it fixed, and they pay you back.

And they were sending you to a dealer to get it taken off so you WON'T need a new oil pan.

Clearly going to walmart and getting a 20 dollar oil change is smarter than going to the dealer and paying 30. Companies like walmart aren't multibillion dollar companies because they pay people well.


This is called carma and you get what you pay for cheap ***