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I am the headmaster of a school which I shall not name for security reasons. I went to your store located in Scurry. I went to the sports department and asked the muggle working there for quaffles, a golden snitch bulgers and a firebolt. The muggle there had no idea what I was talking about. So I asked to speak to the manager and he had no clue. He said he never carried or even heard of those things. I know that they are all muggles, but come on even muggles must have heard of quidditch.

Albus Dumbledore Headmaster of Hogwarts.

P.S. also your stationary department does not carry anticheating quills.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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If you report me I will put the cruitaus curse on you.


Wow Sally,

I see you have an *** kissing friend Jason Tillo why don,t the 2 of you go to wal mart buy each other a gun do the world at large a favor and shoot each other in the *** where your *** for brains are located!


You are all a bunch of ***, except for SALLY, no one cares about your homo Harry Pothead fantasies anyways.


Well, I for one am married Sally, so I am not interested in looking for a girlfriend. As for ghostbuster and Danny they are 12 year old kids and are probably not interested in girlfriends.

Just curious how old are you anyways Sally?

Do you know Jason persoally? You seem to be egging each other on and defending each other.


Trevor, you mean to say you only work at Wal-Mart to study muggles. What is it like working with muggles?


Oh, I see you know the reference that this comes from. You just proved that you know how to read. Now if you can work on not being such a bi*ch than perhaps you will fit in with society.


You all are idiots. Get a life and get out of Harry Potter world.

Freaks. Get a girlfriend and ***


Trevor - I have a dark side that you don't know about. (Yes Dumbledore had a dark side) If you tell the MOM about my little slip up telling the muggles about the wizarding world than I will put the curico curse on you.

Yes I am Dumbledore the most powerful wizard of all time.

Even Voldemort is scared of me. I can put the curico curse on you and hide it from MOM.


Ha, Sally's an *** herself, I noticed somewhere where she also made a spelling mistake. Then she calls other people idiots for their spelling mistakes. What an ***.


I see you noticed about Sally being a troll too Trevor. I hate it when these people insult other letter writers(especially a child) when they don't have a letter themselves.

I admit some of these people do deserve being proven wrong, but from Sally Brett and Jason's replies you can clearly see they are thriving for attention. I am glad that somoene told her off so she can see what it feels like, now hopefully she will see this message from Danny.


Lol Dan, just ignore Sally she and her two boyfriends Jason and Brett are trolls. They are 16 an think it is cool to tell people off online.

As for your letter, I don't think the employee in my sports department know what about the wizarding world.

It is supposed to be a secret and you Danny...I mean Albus as head master of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry have a duty to keep muggles from finding out from our world. Shame on you for posting this to a muggle store.(I work at the muggle store to study muggles.) I will be reporting this to MOM. Cornelius Fudge will hear about this.

Hope you like dementors because that is where you will be heading . Askaban.


And you sally are a bi*ch.


You're an ***.