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walmat brazil item

I am US citizen living in Brazil and horrified by aweful products and custmoer service walmart can get away with in Brazil

total exploation

high prices terrible service

groupon site desk chair i bought on march 15

finally got delivered on april 11 2012

walmart only info was that on march 30th product was turned over to delivery company and that I would have to wait for delivery until 13 of april from 8am to 9pm

i live in a house

and assumption is that no one here works or ever gors out for anything: work, groceries, excercise etc

there is a law in Brazil that I guess USA based walmart thinks it does not have to meet which indicates that deliveries need to indicate to consumer am, pm evening delivery based in consumers need

so according to I have to wait 15+ days from 8 am to 9pm for product to be deliverered

i did investigattion and research and contacted starlog on m y own to see when they would deliver chair

schedule dtime frma e with them that teh y dyd not meet

so i missed day of work and they were not going to deliver on that day ---------- HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i will need to sue walmert for my missed day of work (i am a consultant)

fought and argued with star log so they delivered in day they said they would at 8:30pm

i waited all day for them ------- so again missed consulting work day

walmart will have to pay -- they can afford it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then office chais arrives in a box

i had no idea product i bought would have to assemble

this needs to be indicated online ----------- i guess groupon brazil and walmart brazil assume ther are no comsumer rights here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i was worried when it was delvered because how would i know if there was a defect

only 3 days later did i have time to dedicate to assembling the chair

and guess what

defective item

the lever that raises / lower chair does not work


chatted with to see if technical assistanc ecould eb poovided I want the chair

but I want a chair that works!!!!!!!!!!

customer service number didn't answer phone during biz hours


registered complaint told it could take up to 5 bix days to hear form someone (then i would loose my consumer rights to returntimme and get refund for bad product!!!!!!!!)

number of compaint id 3338053

on monday i called to exchange product vanessa (nasty attitude) said she coukld not give me date product would be picked uo nor new one would arrive until i approved exchange or return


so though I wanted to exchange product for one that worked (in reality I wanted a tech asst to come to see if this one could be repaired)!!!!!!!!!!!! but not an option

only option is to exchange product with no iidea of when bad ine would be picked up or when new one would be sent

this does not work with my work schedule

so i had to ask for refund of monies I was told by Vanessa in Sao Paulo that i would get full r119,90 refund

good but what i really what was for groupon and walmart to provide the a good working priduc that i bought

in any counrtry beware

in any country especially brazil don't every recommend

why------------ 0 user freindly

0 customer rights

Monetary Loss: $120.

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the comments below me are confusing but..what's more confusing is this guy's story.

the grammar and spelling is so bad to the point where I don't want to read it.

along with the fact that it has so many random spaces in basically, no matter what the story is about, I'm just calling it dumb.


"OK...To the person in Toronto - just send me some Tim Bits and we'll call it even. We don't have any here in Deliverance."

Which one me or Jedi Knight Ethan(whom I suspected is the one who got glitched). The one who the pissant is preying on because he likes 12 year old boys.


OK...To the person in Toronto - just send me some Tim Bits and we'll call it even. We don't have any here in Deliverance.


Whoever is using my account is violating my rights under some law I just made up. I am going to file a complaint with my congressman, and then go to Wal-Mart and make personal attacks towards the person at the customer service desk, yell at a store associate for talking to another store associate instead of kissing my rear, and then I'm going to steal...I mean borrow...some pens to get even. lol


"I don't know how the fudge I got into Big Bruce's account without logging in, but yeah your English is poor, and you live in a third world country so your products are bad anyway."

It's a glitch that happens from time to time. Where it automatically puts the username of a random person who created a proper account. Usually someone who signed on or posted recently.


I don't know how the fudge I got into Big Bruce's account without logging in, but yeah your English is poor, and you live in a third world country so your products are bad anyway.


What? Your english is terrible and you had to have blown a guy to get citizenship. :?

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