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While shopping at your store, my eight year old son was looking at the action figures in the toy department. He was doing nothing wrong when security approached him and told him he had caught him putting an action figure in his pocket and that he had to leave the store with him and be driven down to the police station.

My son said that he was shopping me his mother. The security guard said that he had to leave and they could call me when they get to the station, and if he did not cooperate he would be in more trouble. It was not until another customer asked my son what was wrong that the security left him alone. I have lived in US for two years, and I am pretty sure that this security guard is not allowed to question my son without a parent or guardian.

I went to complain and the manager said there was no one with the discription that my son gave that works in the store as security.

I want this security guard fired. What do you pay these people for the number of people that the catch.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I used to work security for Walmart...that is NOT how it works there. The suspected shoplifter has to pass the "last point of sale" and exit the store before they can be apprehended. It is CLEAR this person was trying abduct your son!


I apologize, I'm no longer arguing with him. I realize there will be no reasoning with him.

So again I apologize for bringing the fight to you.

I am not looking for attention, I was trying to increase awareness about Jason being a troll. Sorry for everything:



Um no, I don't associate with *** holes like jason


I think it is very childish of you to bring your fight in my letter when you are fighting on other letters. I am ignoring him because I heard of his comments.

However on my letter you are off topic as well. I have a feeling that you like the attention that is coming to your letter and posted that comment to bring more attention to your letter either to make people feel sorry for you or because you two just want attention


Sick did say he would stop, but he isn't stopping. Do you know him personally Drake?

It seems like you do. Do you and Jason know each other in real life? Well if you do keep the fight offline. KEEP ON TOPIC.

None of you are innocent. Drake tell your friend saying and doing are two different things.


What is going on, I come here to read complaints. Only to find this website filled with annoyances, such as the arguing that has leaked out of SickSensation\'s letter and is now polluting others. You two, grow up already, it\'s really sad to see you two arguing over grammar and trolls and I\'m sure people like my self don\'t want to read your bickering, you two sound like your married

That wrong security code is quite annoying too


Jason, I have looked at Sicks letter. It does have lots of spelling mistakes.

So I have one question for you.

What did his spelling grammar and self esteem have to do with Mc Donald's?

You started the arguing by the looks of things.

Sick said he would stop but you keep antagonizing him. If your so much more mature then he is, how come YOU keep posting back?


I will, I stopped arguing with Jason, well yesterday. He seems to not accept it.

I'm all for posting significant comments. but it's kind of hard when Jason is going on and on and.........................

He goes of topic, if he had been on topic would of I be arguing, or would I be backing up my facts?

What do you think?


Jason/Sick can you please stick to the contents of the letter and not have your fight on my letter thanks. Please stay on topic or don't post on my letter.


How childish are you sicksensation. Do you follow people from post to post because of one letter. That is not what this site is for.


Wow this is unbelievable, Jason get a life.

Jason is a troll, ignore his insignificant postings


Jason, don't you get it it was not a security officer. Read the clues in the letter.

1. The man took off as soon as someone asked the child what was wrong.

Child abductors usually try to get approach children on their own and once someone is on to them they ***. If the child had actually done wrong he would not have run off.

2. The man tried to get the child out of the store where there are no cameras.

They take the child to the security office, and page the parents if the chld was actually stealing.

3. The man did not want the child to contact the parents.

That alone should be send alarm bells. Anytime a stranger asks a child to keep a secret from his parents they are up to no good.

4. The child was approached before he left the store.

You don't approach a shoplifter till they leave the store.

If she is lying so be it, but if this story is true, and I can bet my left arm that it is, than she needs to do something before this man tries to abduct another child.


You are lying. I bet your son did steal and you want the security guard in trouble for catching him. Don't make up lies.


I can attest that this is not how security works in Walmart. I agree with another poster - it's quite possible that this was a man with another agenda.


From the way this letter is written it looks like the man was trying to abduct your son. I would go back to the store and speak to the real security.

File a police report. He was not walmart security.


Yeah right your son's a thief admit it lady. They would take him to the back if he were stealing not outside.

Nice lie.

They should take the kid away from you because you are teaching him to be a liar and theif. he isnt telling the truth here.