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I went to the Jupiter, Florida Wal-Mart (2176) on February 11, 2010 at 12:15 PM. I picked up several Valentines Day gifts and proceeded to make my "big circle" around the store.

I saw an item in the Sporting Goods department that was locked up which I wanted to buy. I waited for about 5 minutes for an employee to come by. No one came by. I went to the next department to find someone who could help me and there was no one there.

I went around the whole back of the store and could not find one associate. I picked up the phone in Sporting Goods and asked the operator to call someone to help. The operator paged for assistance. I waited another five minutes and then called the operator back asking them to page an associate again.

No one came. At this time I had been waiting over twenty minutes for assistance. I picked up the phone and contacted the operator and asked to speak with the manager. This got results fast!

A rather large intimating gentleman came back and without identifying himself, told me to get off of Wal-Mart's phone. I asked him why and he said because he said so! Again, he never identified himself or showed me any ID. After I hung up the phone, I explained my situation to him and he said he would get me assistance and left.

Guess what. I still waited. Finally after 35 minutes of waiting the employee who worked in Sporting Goods returned. She told me she had been at lunch.

She was extremely nice and helpful, but the manager's actions were unacceptable. I find it amazing that they could find what I must guess was a Loss Prevention Officer in two minutes after I had asked to speak to the manager, but were unable to find a sales associate for 35 minutes to allow me to make my purchase. Shame on you for providing such an intimating shopping experience for me I will limit my shopping to other stores in the future.

I find it incredibly difficult to trust Wal-Mart any longer.

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Walmart phones have an "operator"?

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