Raleigh, North Carolina
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Walmart 2929 Hope Mills, NC SUCKS and manager Gerard lies to appease you. I purchased a Wii Guitar Hero and paid for all items at register.

On my way out, security stopped me "because box was not inside bag". I had receipt and showed it to her and she threw receipt at me when I snapped my fingers and told her to hurry up.

I called store Mgr who said she had no right to stop me and would call me back after reviewing tapes. That was 3 weeks ago.

I called customer Svc who has taken my report 6 different times and given me the "I am sorry, we will send this higher up the chain". I just called again to be told they could not find I had called before. I know the security had no right to stop me and its called a bad stop.

I used to do their Loss Prevention and it makes me sick to see that they feel they can treat anyone like a common thief.

I wont stop until I get an answer as to why I was stopped!

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I hate Walmart! In fact they have always been worried about the average as*hole stealing something all the time.

The real question is: Who the *** would want to steal any *** from Walmart omg are people that hard up.

All I got to say is *** Walmart and I hope the place goes out of business. I sure as *** don't shop at this ***


Yeah ur an ***..its not only walmart that ask for receipt, Sams club, best buy and so on..It is Walmarts policy to ask every customer that's merchandise is not bagged up for a receipt..like u said u use to do the Loss prevention part, then of all people U should know better..


look in training as a security precaution workers are told to check anything not in a bag its not a slam against you its their job and I am sick of people like you who make our job harder helloooooooooo women we are human and we are trying to make a living so get off your high horse and get over it its people like you I actually hate. You think you are all that you arent and think of that person you yell at they can cry they can feel and they are human you are a horrible person to question their job if you dont have time dont shop and think before you speak I have worked retail for yrs and I have a bachelors degree I am very educated prob more so then you so have a great day and think for a change

@Fed Up Worker

Well you are definitely not smarter than him. Just look at your grammar. Lol You are AN *** HA HA HA HA HA HA HA..

Bach degree in being a dumb ***


It is all fine and well that you had a receipt, however security did not know you had a receipt until you presented it.

Loss prevention is doing their job. You were well out of line, by snapping at her.

Having worked loss prevention before, I am sure you would not appreciate being treated like an animal. This is exactly what you did. You treated an employee like an animal, then you had the audacity to complain to the store about it.

For lack of better words, you're a bad customer and likely a mean person.


You my dear had no right to snap at her. As a security person she was doing her job I have worked retail for years and hate customers like you.

We do as we are told and we do our job in the end we are human and not a machine you see us as a means to an end well wake up we are people and we are people and they had to check so get off this is it really that important?

Or do you just wanna complain. You just sound like a hateful person for real


i must say you are cool


Wow, you got banned for threatening an employee. How unfair.

Hate to break it to you, but you are just a spoiled little ***.

The employees are not paid to deal with hostile people who apparently feel they are entitled to threaten and/or assault anyone they please. YOur lucky you got banned and not arrested.


Sut up to all the losers who replied on my letter. You are losers and pathetic.

Now they are banning me from the store because I told a cashier I would slap her because she was not hurrying up.

The manager told me not to return. WTF, I am banned from Kmart, Target and a few other places.


Hahaha..its because ur a dumb ***..lololo


well if it was a big item not in a bag then yes she was rite to ask to see the reciept its not called a bad stop she didnt acuse you of stealing and they didnt take you into the office and wait for the police she asked to see the proof of purchase that the cashiere shoulda told you to kee out in ccase the ask bout it at the door if you did work for walmart then you know this already and give the greeters a lil break there usually old and have a hard time seeing the print on the reciepts


i will google and find you too keep the beer ready.


You would smack a lady, you are one tough dude Norma Sequa. You also slapped a five year old. Wonder if you would do the same to someonne your own size.


Jen, yes thats my real name and you can come and find me and my cousin Smith Wesson anytime you wish. Just google me and find me ok. I would love to meet you.

now, read the complaint again and realize I do not work for them. I am a customer. If they stop you all the time, I wonder why?

As for being stopped, I worked for them and it is illegal..then again...so are the threats you make..but come down to NC. You will find me waiting for you with a smile. :grin


I would have fired you too Norma. You sound like a horrible ***.

You're mad that you got stopped. I get stopped all the *** time and I don't throw a fit about it.

Norma Segui, if that's your real name...I shall find you and hunt you down. *** ***


If I don't get a response within a few days I will slap that greeter. I don't care if she is a lady.

I will smack her. First of all they fired me from working Loss Prevention with them because I was rough on a shoplifter. The parent of a five year old shoplifter were not doing their job so I gave him a spanking which got me fired for just doing my job.

Second that *** greeter I worked with we did not get along well. I tried to frame her for shopliofting but got fired before I could.


Just wait for her to get off then beat her senseless and pin her name tag on her *** !!