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Hi a while back I got kicked out of your store for fighting what I thought was a thief butis now my friend. However yesterday I got pissed off at this kid in school I can't fight him at school because I will get suspended. So I fought him in your store because his parents were shopping with him. This annoying *** is not only in my class but he was also in the store. I wanted to beat him up because he got a higher math score than I did on the math test and was being *** annoying about it. He just stood there and told his parents that I got a lower math score but he got higher than me even thought I took the test twice for failing grade six. He thought he was safe with his parents. Then I told him to come with me I had to show him something. His parents said to go and not be rude to this me so I went. I told him to *** off when I took him away from his parents. I told him to meet me outside. I wanted to fight him all week for being an ***. He refused to go outside so we went to the back sports department to fight. He was so scared to hit me first so I hit him. I told him not to come in my store again unless he paid me $5. He told me this was not his store. I told him to *** off because I come here and if I see him again he has to pay me. His name is Bradley and he is fat and a loser. Then a customer asked to call security. Bradley's father was there before they came. They talked to him and they talked to me. They told me to go home and get a drink water. They said I was not allowed in the store without an adult until I stopped attacking others. I only got in one more fight and they act like I do it everyday. Last week I was good. I did not even steal nothing like I did a year ago.

I like shopping alone and this is not fair. I am allowed to shop without an adult I am 12.

For those of you that say I can be charged both Zachry1998's father and Bradley's father did not want to press charges instead they want to help us get along. Zachary and I fought but we are friends again because I found out he did not take my Pokemon cards. Trevor is right they were in lost and found. He knows because he works at Wal-mart but not this one one in Canada.

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This kid obviously needs some help before he spends a life time growing up in jail.


They are all nuts in Canada that is why they come to the USA to shop

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #51728

I know this kid has issues, but there is no need to call a 11 year old a *** ***. Rm, and yes LT, unless this kid gets help I would not him to be my neighbor. This is his second letter where he got in a fight with someone in that store.

:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

This is a very scary story to read. I hope this kid doesn't grow up to become my neighbor.

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