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I was out of town sat 7-25-15 in Dayton ohio@walmart on Wilmington Pike in Belbrooke. Called first to have a tire plugged, they told me to come now because they had open bays and they could do it then.

Got there within 10 minutes. only one car in a 10 car bay garage. The man said that we had 6 cars ahead of us. It would be 2, then he said 3 hrs then he said he didn't know how long it would be.

He was very rude with his confederate flag on his shirt and picking food out of his beard. He didn't know I was a black person over the phone.

He sure did let me know it when I got there though..........SORRY *** CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! And racism still lives, especially@ Walmart.......

Reason of review: no happy faces with you all!!!.

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Aren't you sick of playing the race card everyone things don't go your way??? It made your complaint sound ***.Sounds to me like you are the racist.

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