having only 2 items and with long lines at the regular checkout counters(and i might add that only 4 were open) i decided to try the self checkout system. having done this before i waited by the machine for10 minutes for some store help to show me how to do it.finally i gave up left the cart there and went to another store that's interested in making a sale-costco.i usually go to wallmart because its closer,but not anymore,your store sucks.i'll never go there again and i'm sure i'll pass the word around how good you guys are.

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Either you're illiterate or too dumb to understand the instructions that appear on the self checkout screens. Even a five year old can figure out how to use self checkout.

Also why mention you have used self checkout before and then mention you waited 10 minutes to get assistance on how to use it? Contradict yourself much ***?


That's one reason I no longer go to either of the two WalMarts in my area---lack of manned checkout lanes and really crappy customer service. You are better off going to a Meijers if you have one, or just about anywhere else. For the little amount of money you might save by going to WalMart, your peace of mind and frustration level will be better off somewhere else.

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