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Went in Walmart tonight to get stuff for smoothies, nothing out of the norm. Go to self checkout since it was pretty the only place i could go, ring out stuff.

The self check out lady was talking to another customer when i went to my machine. I check out my stuff, (I counted too, everything was scanned and is on receipt.) As im picking up my bags she comes over and ask if everythings okay she didnt hear any beeping. (all my stuff beeped as i scanned it lol).

Im like yeah everything is fine, she asked if i had any trouble, I said no and that sometimes these things do give trouble. Then as I was walking through doors I looked at my receipt and had the exact items I bought.

Looked back and she was heading to my machine.

Pretty much sums up my review, nothing happened, i didnt make any mistakes and i didnt do anything wrong.

But im pretty sure I know what the subtext was of what that lady was doing, i guess im mad the more I think about it because this person forwhat ever reason thinks or didnt hear my machine beeping as i was scanning and somehow i have to get the feeling that i did something wrong as i am leaving? (Again, didnt do anything, all my items did beep and are on my receipt)

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Self Service Machine Facility.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

I didn't like: Self checkout lady.

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Only a guilty person would be this defensive.

to WalmartCorporate #1622236

Guilty of buying food from your store with hard earned money? Defensive- I think you mean disgruntled, because your employee needs hearing aid.

to Anonymous #1622242

If they are had of hearing it is not right their fault. Also the OP is only ASSuming that the lady thought she was guilty.

to Anonymous #1622249

That guy does not really work for Walmart. Just some random guy that trolls the Walmart section. EIther he is an ex employee trying to cause trouble or a random troll.

to Anonymous #1622610

So you're discriminating someone because of their disabilities? That's not right.


At the Walmart's I've been in they go to the registers to make sure the bags are opened and ready for the next customer. Sounds like you we're suspicious of your own intent.

to Anonymous #1621958

not really suspicious of anything. And my intent was purchasing almond milk and yogurt. I agree that is the routine for the registers, just didnt like her introduction.

to Anonymous #1622243

I agree, but give her some credit, at least she did not play the racecard.


And your stupid fu$$ing point is what? That your an idiot?

to Anonymous #1622244

I agree and the replies she is leaving to others is just as idiotic.

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