If I wanted to scan and bag groceries I would have that job. And since I am doing a job in your store, how about you pay me or give me a discount. All the PR excuses are just that, this is strictly to put more money in Walmart's pocket.

User's recommendation: Support your local stores.

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Not to mention you chose to use the self checkouts. If you cannot afford everything you want, put some things back. They are not required to give you a discount.


Kid, if you do not like self checkouts do not use them. Let the people who do not want to interact with cashiers and do their shopping in a hurry use them.


They do give you a discount. Compare their prices to a store that doesn't use self check outs. The reason you pay more in a full service store is that they have higher labor costs because they have to pay the cashiers.


Shop elsewhere because no one cares. You can stage your little mini rebellion and pay higher prices at another store.

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