I was checking out with my toddler and she was not listening and while trying to keep her in check and scan items I guess I mistakenly missed a few. Before even leaving the checkout area (I never left the store) the cashier says a few of my items didn't scan.

I say oh no well which ones and I'll rescan them and pay. She calls a csm and they start going through every bag and then they call a manager and I ask them what's going on and the cashier says I didn't scan some of my items and I say yes I did to which she loudly yells that I didn't because she was watching me. I'm beyond embarrassed. The manager tells me to come with her and I do to a little room showing me scanning my items on camera.

She tells me she knows what I was trying to do and asks if I have a criminal history to which I reply no I dont. She tells me I'm not being prosecuted and no police will be called but that she needs my drivers license and ssn. I comply. She asks if I can pay for the items that didn't scan and I say of course and she let's me pay for them.

Then she tells me loudly enough for everyone in the front of the store to hear that I am to never come into her store and use her self checkout lines again. As if I ever would after this anyways. My point here is I was not trying to steal anything. I never admitted to stealing anything.

I never signed anything. I never even left the store without paying. Why did she take all my information and treat me like a common criminal? Will police be coming to my door at a later date?

I'm so confused and honestly hurt by all this. Advice please.

This happened in Tennessee btw. Ty

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In your first paragraph you say you "mistakenly" didn't scan some items but then you start saying you scanned everything. If your kids distract you so much from properly using the self service checkout you shouldn't use it.

You need to be held responsible for your mistake. I as another shopper shouldn't be penalized in to form of higher prices to cover the "mistakes" of people like you.


Not approving stealing from anyone. Now that I have done some housekeeping.

Lets stop with the hypocrisy and think about every year when we file taxes don't we forget to be honest??? And also said ohhhh I'll forgot to add my real deductions. Do we really are honest to the federal government?????

We will be when we are being audit????? BUNCH OF HYPOCRIT.

to Keeping in REAL. 3551 #1502263

Girl, What?


BS Im 60 years old and have a rambunctious 4 year of grandson who if anything wants to shot every item twice with the scanner so I pay more!! I definitely know when I have not properly scanned an item.

There are sounds and lights to let you know. Dont Blame your child for your theft!!


What? I call BS..

You knew what was scanned and what was not. Who are you kidding?

If you cant check out with your kids leave it with a sitter. I shop with my grandson this is a rediculos excuse


Can you please put an update on here? I am really curious to know how this all played out?

I think it was above and beyond ridiculous asking you to come into the office, Etc.

I did this the other day by mistake, and the lady that stands in the self-checkout area just came over and told me that I missed a few items. I apologized and scanned them and that was the end of it.

to Anonymous Gal #1452528

Update.... Dont steal!! Quit looking for excuses you can use to do so


Why does this not surprise me


If you have an ill-behaved child with you who requires your attention, why would you complicate things further by using the self-checkout (unless you were going to try to steal several items)? Why would you not use a staffed check lane where the cashier scanned your items while you tended to your kid?

to Anonymous #1431466

Sometimes it's nicer to not have to interact with some of the employees. I know what it's like to get an employee looking at you crazy just based on how you look.

Walmart managers are *** for the most part anyhow. Good for you for using the checkout line.. oh and just an fyi some kids don't start acting up until they are in line and didn't get what they wanted. It's too late to pull out then and head to a line with a cashier.

It's insane to me the number of ppl that don't make *** for paychecks and complain about prices of stuff yet play price police if something doesn't ring up right or whatever. Ooh I don't think this is still on sale.

It's 34.99 not 19.99. mhmm guess they think it's gonna be on their check if they catch it.

to Anonymous suggestion #1438411

It's because of the kind of people that Do steal, that we All have to suffer from incidents like this!

to Anonymous #1440663

Because Wal Mart hurds you toward those damned self checkouts. Been in there many times when that is the only checkout.

to Anonymous #1441079

Wow. Are you seriously asking her this question?

She probably used the self check-out because there were probably lines at the checkouts because there usually is because they don't put enough cashiers on duty!! I can't believe that even came out of your mouth!

to Anonymous Gal #1441080

And one more thing. This website is to complain about an actual store or service or product, not to comment on someone's comment!

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1340516

Funny, I was actually arrested, but under these same circumstances.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #1324308

In the future, never ever give your personal information to them in a situation like that. It's none of their business.

If they have a problem with that, insist they call the police.

Then, the police wouldn't have been able to charge you with anything anyway, since you never left the store. Can't legally steal something unless you pass all points of sale.

to Colin #1416167

Is that true? But LP isn’t allowed to follow you to your car?

It’s kind of a catch 22.

Plus when confronted and cornered most people just believe they should comply. It’s ridiculous, if these self check outs are causing these many problems, get rid of them.

to Colin #1475612

Not true


Get real Wal-Mart customers! People do steal.

The Wal-Mart that I work at has lost over a million $ last year. We find empty packages from all different departments all over the store. We find old smelly shoes left behind from people who walk out wearing a new pair. People try to walk out with microwaves, vacuum cleaners, dog food, diapers, formula etc every day.

And they always say the same thing "Oh, I must have forgot to scan it." Maybe they did. But that's why receipts are checked at the door. When people steal it affects all of us.

It affects my paycheck And the prices you have to pay. Be thankful they are trying to keep prices low for everyone.

to Anonymous #1460181

I got stoped at Wal-Mart for not scanning a few items it was embarrassing I was with my 2 boys niece and nephew everything was fine but at check out it got a lil crazy i had a bad headache I was going to skip grocery shopping but I needed my groceries for my boys school luch I notice the scanner turnin red but didnt loom into it my niece was having trouble bagging i was trying to do to much now i have to go to court, as i paid and was walking out i did question my recipe amout but my boys were being held right in front they ask for my recipe they called the cops and i had to go back and pay for my items it was an accident Im not 100 when i have a headache my husband work and my brother needed me to take the kids to church it was a fun day out. just got overwhelming at check out do i need a defence attorney

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