I was checking out with my toddler and she was not listening and while trying to keep her in check and scan items I guess I mistakenly missed a few. Before even leaving the checkout area (I never left the store) the cashier says a few of my items didn't scan.

I say oh no well which ones and I'll rescan them and pay. She calls a csm and they start going through every bag and then they call a manager and I ask them what's going on and the cashier says I didn't scan some of my items and I say yes I did to which she loudly yells that I didn't because she was watching me. I'm beyond embarrassed. The manager tells me to come with her and I do to a little room showing me scanning my items on camera.

She tells me she knows what I was trying to do and asks if I have a criminal history to which I reply no I dont. She tells me I'm not being prosecuted and no police will be called but that she needs my drivers license and ssn. I comply. She asks if I can pay for the items that didn't scan and I say of course and she let's me pay for them.

Then she tells me loudly enough for everyone in the front of the store to hear that I am to never come into her store and use her self checkout lines again. As if I ever would after this anyways. My point here is I was not trying to steal anything. I never admitted to stealing anything.

I never signed anything. I never even left the store without paying. Why did she take all my information and treat me like a common criminal? Will police be coming to my door at a later date?

I'm so confused and honestly hurt by all this. Advice please.

This happened in Tennessee btw. Ty

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to Anonymous #1029469

It is not the cashier's job to make sure she scans all the items. Besides she has forgotten before.

She uses her child as a distraction, or an excuse for stealing.

to KevinRichards #1053551

that is what I think is going on as well. She is not forgetting to scan the items, she is doing this purposely and pretending her toddler distracted her, security rarely catches someone that forgets to pay for an item once, they watch people who do this often.

I know this being LP for another company. Not only that they start off small, then they steal more items.s

to Anonymous #1350183

This is silly,

There is no disclaimer above self-check outs that say, failure to scan items will result in arrest. Furthermore, there is a clerk that monitors all self-check out registers and if a company wants to risk the possibility of item loss from improper or intentional misuse because they do not want to pay a few more employees is a company's burden to manage and monitor.

If it would have been an actual employee operating the register, then she could have easily taken care of her child and tendered the amount due as requested.

Furthermore, where is the customer service at these self-check outs asking if they could be of assistance, noticing a wiggly child desperately requiring mother's full guided attention.

Remember folks, we are all human, errors happen and blanket assumptions can be costly....

to KevinRichards #1578953

Its is her job. It's her job to help to let people know what went wrong. That's why they are there.


it's understandable if you didn't scan one or two items but if you"forgot"to scan 7items..... c'mon!

If you're having problems scanning all your sh*t go to a regular registers.

I've customers saying they "forgot". For some reason they forget to scan the high values items.

to Anonymous #1180121

No, it's not understandable if you forget one or two items. It's theft, pure and simple.

Mobile, Alabama, United States #958633

The same thing happened to me today they surrounded me saying Wal-Mart loss prevention then went through all my things 3 items weren't scanned out of about 40 it was about 20$ in grocery items they took. Me to a little room where she treated me like a theif, I told them I'd gladly pay it was an honest mistake from there they went on to tell me if I didn't say I done it on purpose abd give them my I'd and ss number I would be arrested and it would cost me lots in fines to prove my innocence. Really Wal-Mart Now y'all blackmail people

to tina Orange, California, United States #958636

Well when you "forget" to scam all your items you are stealing from them. I bet that if you later found out yourself that you forgot to pay for the items you would not go back and pay for them.

Loss prevention only looks for those that are suspicious and those that "forget" to scam items all the time. Not for those that do it only once. If you cannot use the machines properly than get an adult to help you or don't go to self check outs. All the thieves claim they "forgot" to pay for items.

I doubt it was just one or two items as you claim. They only way they would be watching you is if you "forgot" to scam the items on more than one occasion.

You are just angry you got caught and they will not accept your BS excuses. Just like the OP.

to KevinRichards #978024

Go ***.K yourself ***! People can make mistakes, basically, this is a case of an employee trying to make themselves feel bigger by harassing a lady who made an honest mistake.

Nothing is worse than a cop, except a *** who thinks they are one, or worse yet, someone who is trying to become one. Do you fit into this category?

to Anonymous #1023678

One of the biggest things self checkout cashiers are taught to do is to keep an eye out for thieves. They are not trying to be cops, they are trying to do the job they are paid for.

Letting thieves or forgetful customers exit the store with unpaid for merchandise hurts the store and, therefore, the customers in the end. Why do you think there are even attendants at self checkout? They're there to monitor customers and to manage the security devices within the machines.

When you're asked to place an item in the bagging area, that is the machine making sure the item weighs what the system says it should. If the machine beeps, it's alerting your attendant to a possible theft and they then have to enter their id and passcode to clear the security alert.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #1029470

It was done on purpose. She does it all the time.

She admitted to it. Only a thief would defend another thief.

to KevinRichards #1055208

*** on the "only look for people who do it all the time". They don't recognize the thousands of customers who shop there. They stopped me once for "not scanning" something (I had, and it was on the receipt).

to tina #1003239

Hi how r ,,, I read everything and it's same happen to me I show then all repiect everything they some items not charge he was asking for id then I ask can I see ur id,,,,, stop talking on phone I told him I have to talk to my husband he said u have bad attitude now u going to jail because of bad attitude ,,,,,,,, even he said to my brother same ,,,,,,, police came arttesd me then he check my records nothing was bad but he give me court date ,,,, can I have ur number so I could talk to u please

to tina #1023674

If it was three items totaling $20 they had reason to suspect you of theft. $20 does a lot of damage to a store's bottom line.


The first red flag is a Walmart employee asked for your driver's license and ssn, you should have immediately told her you would have no problem giving your info to the officer that she can feel free to call. Don't hand your identity info over so easily, even with just the last 4 digits and a DL your identity is compromised; expecially if you didn't get their info or sign anything they also signed. Chances are you'd probably be fine but often times you won't even start experiencing signs of identity theft for months (long enough for you to forget), and let's be honest here only two types of people work at Walmart: those who struggle/desperate and those who've got their own angles (shoplifters/Identity thieves).

to Anonymous #920676

Lol read the comments she posted and there is more to this story

to KevinRichards Beacon, New York, United States #1216298

Kevin you are not to bright self check outs fail they are computer based systems that beep based on a barcode some items have 2 barcodes and their for they beep but don't register then you leave and are arrested that is a poor mainly (Walmart) policy. They require that type of policy simply because the scanners they use are the worst in the business.

If you use the self checkouts they have a scale that weights the item if the item doesn't reach they scale or the scale is over weight the computer systems stops(GOOD SYSTEMS) NOT WALMART.

This is a serious problem and is causing families hard ships. When you have a self-checkout that is poorly built you can't have policy's to arrest someone every time the equipment fails.

Walmart Self Checkout improvements

1- Better Equipment (Example stop and shop)

2- Customer service people waiting to help and explain

3- Policy's that make sense not every case is cut and dry and you need to have management that can make decisions *** maybe its profiling you got a mom with her 2 scream kids it is most likely a mistake.

to Anonymous #1023682

Hah. I happen to know a person who works for Walmart and is neither type of person.

Try again. They collected her information for their records. If she comes back to the store and is caught for the same thing they can verify it was her the first time and treat accordingly. And if it never happens again the info is likely dissolved after a year anyway.

The information probably actually was taken by the security team, which is a separate entity to Walmart entirely.

It's to prevent her from coming back to the store, stealing and this time saying "I never did that before, or ever, my name is Mary Sue Jones. You can check."

Orlando, Florida, United States #901880

They will send you a letter from a attorney saying you owe them money or will take u back to court..scammers

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #902370

In her case where she is deliberately forgetting she needs to be taken to court, especially when in later posts she admits to abusing her daughter. She is using her daughter as a pawn, she has (not knowingly) admitted to purposely forgetting items and using her daughter as a pawn to say she made her too busy to remember the items.

This happened on several occasions.

She always forgets several times. In this case she is using her daughter as an excuse.

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