I was checking out with my toddler and she was not listening and while trying to keep her in check and scan items I guess I mistakenly missed a few. Before even leaving the checkout area (I never left the store) the cashier says a few of my items didn't scan.

I say oh no well which ones and I'll rescan them and pay. She calls a csm and they start going through every bag and then they call a manager and I ask them what's going on and the cashier says I didn't scan some of my items and I say yes I did to which she loudly yells that I didn't because she was watching me. I'm beyond embarrassed. The manager tells me to come with her and I do to a little room showing me scanning my items on camera.

She tells me she knows what I was trying to do and asks if I have a criminal history to which I reply no I dont. She tells me I'm not being prosecuted and no police will be called but that she needs my drivers license and ssn. I comply. She asks if I can pay for the items that didn't scan and I say of course and she let's me pay for them.

Then she tells me loudly enough for everyone in the front of the store to hear that I am to never come into her store and use her self checkout lines again. As if I ever would after this anyways. My point here is I was not trying to steal anything. I never admitted to stealing anything.

I never signed anything. I never even left the store without paying. Why did she take all my information and treat me like a common criminal? Will police be coming to my door at a later date?

I'm so confused and honestly hurt by all this. Advice please.

This happened in Tennessee btw. Ty

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to Anonymous #1136636

Your wrong how about all the times cashiers over charge and ring up things a couple of times and also when ask for a price check on something and you say I don't want it for that price and the teller forgets to delete the item and you can't even get your hard earned money back because of someone else mistake that must be okay in your mind people make mistakes and I'm pretty sure that a couple of times you have been wrong and falsely accused someone for shoplifting because to me you seem like you do a Lot of profiling and have your mind set up on who is a thief

to Anonymous #1136759

You sound like a thief making excuses there are steps that must be taken before we approach someone and I have never wrongfully accused someone. Seriously grow up.

Mistakes are usually fixed at the time of purchase. You are obviously a teen.

to Anonymous Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1216700

While I agree with you that these LPs are brutal, I think you should have your parents help you find the definition of profiling. The person you quoted is not profiling anyone.

to Anonymous #1216662

You are the type of over zealous person that automatically assumes that a person intentionally did something illegal. How can you reasonably say that this person have accidentally forgot to scan an item on more than one occasion?

You don't know if this is the first time or the one thousandth time. You acts as if it is not possible to not scan an item or two. Some people may intentionally not scan item but you can't say that everyone does. Let this happen to your mom, dad, sister, brother, or child and then you would have a whole different outlook on the situation.

Those scanners are machines and machines are prone to errors and malfunctions. Also, people do make mistakes. If I tried to pay for a transaction with a debit or credit and when I swiped my card the card reader fails to read the card does that mean that I attempted to deceive the machine? No it doesn't.

Whether you believe it or not, there are a lot of people that have honestly failed to scan an item. Some of the failure is due the machine malfunctioning and some due to a person assuming that they had actually scanned the item.

to Anonymous Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1216701

Your reading skills are poor aren't they. He said himself that he has seen them do the same thing several times.

I know reading is hard for you, but in the future read the whole thing before replying. If your reading skills were at least at a first grade level you would see that he is aware that sometimes people forget to scan an item or don't know it did not scam.

He is saying they did this several times and this happened before.

to Anonymous #1408009

Same to me today. I thought that items were scanned and as I was walking out 5 guys stop me and took me in a room.

They checked my receipt and two items didn't scan. So I took out the rest of my money and offered to pay and they refused. I have to go to court.

I don't know what will happen. I don't know if I should call the store owner and appolize for making a honest mistake.


This is a problem with Walmart, and reason I personally hate Self Checkout's myself, Yesterday I was at a store myself my card kept getting declined for some dumb reason, I had to leave to get money the merchant scans the items for me when I return to the store, forgot to scan one which was really embarrassing when this was discovered on going to leave the store hopefully the video will show it though after I returned and paid for the item.

I would honestly not even bother with self check-outs but more-less work towards faster cashiers, and more check-out lines as well as dealing with "Bar Code" swapping nothing like findout a place where a camera isn't watching you and swapping bar-codes one a $1000 television along with a cart full of groceries for a $200 television and slapping it over the box checking out, often they skim threw the receipt, or you just have a friend watching or waiting until no one is there to check it and you legally paid. (This is a bigger problem)


fed up with walmart

Just because someone tells the OP they are wrong, and things like that does not mean they work for the company. Besides she admitted to slapping her child and in another case losing her child twice.

It is a citizen's responsibility to report anything they think can harm a child.

You must be very young to mistake this as working for a company. If she does not want to be reported to the authorities she should not admit to using her child to steal, hitting her child and losing her child


What if you get help from the checkout clerk and still get theft isn't she required to let you know if their seems to be a problem?

to Anonymous #1085492

I am sure in that case they would let her know, but if you read her replies to this review, if you have the time to do this, you would see that this is the fourth time she made this mistake of forgetting to scan items. Each time it is more than previous.

My daughter was keeping me busy is just an excuse. There are many parents that shop with several children under the age of five and they don't "forget" to scan items that often. Maybe one or two, but not seven as she admitted to. As for the OP, you were not falsely accused of theft, you forgot to scan items, and this is not the first time you forgot to scan items.

Then you admitted to later refusing to go back to pay for the items and left when approached because it was "their fault." Read her other followups people and see the rest of the story. She is using her toddler as an excuse and should have that child taken from her.

Then in another review she admitted to losing her toddler in the store. I can understand this happens, but twice in the same day?

to Anonymous Moorpark, California, United States #1225903

No one should have their child taken from them. This is the mentality that separated families in years past.

I remember Unsolved Mysteries episode of a family that was split up in the 1940s because the mom did not have food in the house, so all the children were put in foster care. They did not see each other again until later in life. It hurt the children psychologically, and as adults all they could think about was reconnecting with their family.

How would this child feel if she was separated from her mother just because people make snap decisions. Perhaps some people are not as savvy as others when it comes to certain basic skills, but whatever happened to compassion.

to Anonymous #1310113

Compassion is taking children away in certain situations. A drug addict, alcoholic, shoplifter, etc, can't even make good decisions for themselves, how do you expect them to make decisions for children?


My sister was done the same way in toccoa ga.

to Anonymous Aiken, South Carolina, United States #1055352

She probably purposely forgot to scan items. Like someone said the people in LP do not catch people who does this once.

They usually catch those that do this often, and they claim they forgot to scan the item. They have usually done it more than twice before caught.


If you don't scan your merchandise it's stealing. What did you expect the people who actually have to work for what they have to be like?

to Anonymous #1053550

Well in her defense sometimes people make mistakes and forget to scan an item or two. But in the OP's case she seems to have do this all the time, with not one or two items but several items.

I can understand why they would be suspicious. She is using the old "I was distracted" to hopefully get away with it. People make excuses all the time. Sometimes they simply forget to pay for the item.

In these cases they come back and pay for it another day. Security does not catch these people. They only catch people who have a pattern and history of doing this because they have done it before. Usually the person "forgets" to scan one small cheap item, they get away with it and then "forget" to scan more than one item thinking they will get away with it again.

It appears the OP is guilty in this case and blaming her child for trying to steal.

She needs that child taken from her. She is a bad role model.


They did this to me today I check all items had 5 movies one didn't scan and the check out lady said it did then talked I forgot a frame they detained me over 35 bucks and called the cops I had paid over 98 for my other things take out the *** self check out so when they screw up they are held not the person for a mistake I have enough money to pay like I thought I'd like to go to jail over 35 today I have no record and never been in trouble wtf

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #1037683

Wait a minute, I thought in your review it was another lady that got detained not you. How many times did you "forget" to scan items.


You could have just ignored her. Once you pay the items in your bags are legally your property and walmart has no right to search them, detain you, or collect your personal info.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #1029466

But she did not pay for all the items. They have a right to search her for that.

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