Today,April 16th I went to Walmart in Milwaukee on 43rd and Greenfield. I shopped for 2 hours.

I then checked out in the self checkout lane.I rang up all my food and swiped my food stamp card. Then I swiped my debit card. The machine froze.So then they told me that I couldn't take my food. I took two buses to get there.

I have no food to eat now. Then they gave me a ten dollar WALMART CARD!.!! Not a visa card which means I have to spend it in Walmart. Why would I want to go back to that location.So i'm gonna see if I can get in touch with a GM and *** to them.

And I'm disabled and my blood pressure is high.

I didn't deserve that at all. I'm so depressed.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

I didn't like: Result, Long waits.

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Orange, California, United States #973325

Yeah I bet your disability is the reason you cannot get a job and have to rely on food stamps. Yet your disability does not prevent you from shopping for two hours. If you can shop for two hours you can certainly get a job and not use food stamps to feed yourself.


Look, things happen. It's an imperfect world and sometimes machines freeze and malfunction.

That's really no reason to get depressed. They gave you a gift card, which they did not have to do and that still was not good enough for you.

I'm sure if you had just waited a few minutes until they could void the transaction they could have rescanned your items and sent you on your merry little way. Then you would have been the bus drivers problem, who I bet would love you for coming in the bus with two hours worth of shopping.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #973326

She is on foodstamps. Of course it is not good enough for her. She already is getting her food from tax payers.


Couldn't you have went to a regular check out counter after the the other machine froze? Something is wrong here and part of it is that you are playing the disabled/high blood pressure card.

Something else that sounds strange is you took two buses to get to the WalMart and then you were buying enough stuff that you shopped for two hours, how on God's green earth were you going to get home with that amount of purchases on buses, especially when you are DISABLED?

to anonymous Orange, California, United States #973327

She is not really disabled. Just using that excuse so she does not have to get a job and can get assistance from the government. If she can take two buses to get to the store, shop for two hours, and carry her items back home she can get a job despite her "disability"

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