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Same thing happened to me. I had my 5 and 12 y/o with me.

Bought 105 dollars of groceries. They said I stole two $1 pops and a sandwich totaling $7. Apparently Walmart doesnt have scales on their bagging area like everybody else does as I had no idea until I went to leave. I didnt give them my ID until they showed me the items I missed.

When they showed me I gave them my ID and the cops came anyways, cuffed me and gave me a 250 ticket. Walmart AP for region 25, Mack Ibbotson, says that's not company policy. CMI says theit policy with Walmart doesn't covert when employees dont follow company policy. Walmart owns CMI.

If Walmart causes me a financial loss through the negligence of their employees they should reimburse me. They have no right to collect the ID,s of people that have done nothing wrong. They ask us to scan our own items, which is their job, and then treat us like crap when we make an error. Supposedly an employees is trained operate a keystation, so if a guest makes an error how it it our fault.

If a cop cant ask for my ID unless I commit an crime a private citizen certainly cant either. If that's what their terms of making a mistake at self check out are then they should post a disclaimer. I will not lot this stand.

Illinois by the way Crestwood, Illinois. Cops there are in Walmart's pocket.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Basically you DID steal. You got caught.

Move on with.

Using your children by claiming they were a distraction is not going to help you. You know you did wrong,so did your 12 year old.


How much training does it take. You scan the item, if it was recorded the register beeps and the item shows up on the screen.

If it doesn't you need to scan it again.

I have found that the registers at Walmart have the most sensitive scales around. Chances are the items weren't placed on the scales.


Exactly, this lady knew exactly what she was doing. I wonder how many times she has made this "error".


Actually they cant weigh because they have clothes and each item size weighs a different amount. that's what a Walmart told me.

Grocery store do weigh because each item has a net weight. Your a Fing moron and ***


You are calling someone a moron when you cannot even spell simple words?


Spelling is an error... also known as a typo and has nothing to do with Intelligence.

You LIED plain and simple.

You said they have the most sensitive scales out there when they dont use scales at all. You are either a troll or working for them.


But you admitted you stole. You call it a mistake but it really is theft pure and simple.