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I am about to throw the towel in on going to Walmart stores. I refuse to use a self checker.

I want a human to check me out. It is strange that I can order online and they have an employee go get my groceries ready but they can't afford to have a human checking people out. Well tonight another local grocery store just got $150 of my money and the lady at the checkout had the most beautiful smile. She said hi and how are you.

I mentioned my walmart experience and she said join our family and shop here. We lone people and no machines to run customers off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Checkout Facility.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You can always wait in line, it might take 20 minutes but hey you get a man/woman taken your cash saying hi. normally the self-check out lady says hi to me when I'm walking out or about to buy whatever.

Every store is going to say join our family, so i don't even see your point, as self-check out also helps cut down on in store prices also. You can shop at Walmart or another store but pay little more its up to you really, just do price matching and see what one is offering the best deals...

Walmart does price matching also, so it might be little hard to get a better deal else were. Only good thing about it is your helping the community out by buying in the mom and pap shops.


We lone people and no machines to run customers off...

What the heck does this mean?


Personally, I find the self service checkouts to have much more personality than their cashiers.