Monroeville, Pennsylvania
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Why are the self service lanes equipped with the long belts for grocery orders never turned on for customers to use at the Mt. Pleasant Summit Ridge Penna.

store ?? I have asked several times and at least once have asked a manager that question. I have received different answers each time I asked. Once they told me that they do when it's busy, and the very next week I saw each register line had at least 6 or more people waiting to check out.

I once again asked and the young lady wearing a yellow smock said they didn't have enough staff to open them. I like going to a Walmart that is close to where I live, but have been to the Greensburg and Irwin stores and they seem to know how to keep enough staff working to have their self service belted lines open.

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One day I was at Wal-Mart and I was using the self checkout lane. I had a whole bunch of change that I was going to use to pay for my purchase and I put it down on the belt.

I rang up my purchases and the belt started moving and I kept trying to keep my change from being swept away and I called out for help to make it stop, but the lady that came to my assistance couldn't stop it from moving and a bunch of my change got sucked into the insides of the machinery and they had to go get some guy to come and open it up all while a bunch of employees stood around watching and they had to dig in there to get my coins back. So when I use the self checkout lanes, I never place any kind of change up on the belt, lest I have to go through that Rigamarole again.


Doesn't take a genius to figure that out.


Why would you put your change on a belt that moves in the first place?


Actually, none of them ever move at the self-checkout lane. It only started moving for some strange reason that day and wouldn't stop.

I kept frantically trying to push the change back.

And it never had moved on it's own since then either. And if you put stuff on a manned checkout lane and you want the belt to stop the cashier has a button to press that instantly stops it.


It Does Not make any sense to do that no matter what your explanation is. Anything can get lost under the belt... coupons, change, dollar bills and so on.


Correct, if you have a lot of groceries, stay away from the self checkouts.


How does a belted line help you at a self service register? As you are scanning the items it seems to me that it is quicker to take the product out of you cart, scan it and put it in a bag.

Why do you feel you need the extra step of loading your purchases on a belt before you scan them?

You are just handling the product more often and slowing yourself down. All the belted line does is give you something to do until it is your turn to check out.