Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Again, Walmart in Grand Haven, Michigan; Ottawa County; is selling yogurt past the "sell by date". I brought it to their attention before.

It's not one of an item, it's several. Today's purchase on April 27, 2011 went out of date April 21, 2011. Too bad I didn't check it until I got home, 10 miles one way from the store.

At $4.20 a gallon for gas, I hate to make a special trip to return it, and of course get a hassle about it. Seems like Walmart should have to follow the same rules like other stores and have their food monitored.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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I work at a WalMart... and I always check the sell-by dates if I buy something there.

Shame on me for not being trusting (LOL), but I see first-hand how understaffed we are. They don't care about the frieght, as long as it looks "pretty" for the customers. It could be rotten, but as long as it is faced out on the shelf and straightened, it is acceptable. I wish we had enough help/time to fix this...

but it will probably never happen. :(


Each Wal-Mart store carries over one million skus. That in itself is an inventory nightmare. In order to maintain profit while offering ridiculously low prices walmart keeps margins razor thin and under-staffs.

If you are insistent upon shopping at wal-mart be vigilant and check your dates, or shop at a store who charges a little more, but maintains enough staff to turn over inventory on a regular basis.

Unfortunately in the discount shopping world you cannot have it all. You can't expect full, neat properly inventoried shelves. Excellent customer service and the lowest price.


Since you live in MI shop at Meijer. They sell the yogurt 50% off when it is close to the sell by date. No outdated yogurt on the shelf.