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sent a money gram for $1700 from walmart . was a scam.

why does walmartnot alert customers before sending money to a scam artist . i am out $1700 because no one warned me about possible scams . it was wired to an individual . i feel i should have been warned .

please help me on this . it was a fake ebay motors scam that did me in . i verified what i believed to be a legit e-mail from ebay . itn was not legit at all .

they told me to send a moneygram to an individual in mo. no address . then i was to send them the transaction number . i believe they should have told me not to send it .

what do you think .

thank you . george mitchell

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You are an adult no one needs to warn you about the dangers of the world. Also make sure you lock your car and doors at night. Then again judging from the poor grammar and spelling perhaps you are a child and your parents can sue them for allowing a child of six to send $1700 without parental permission


How is that Walmart's fault? Common sense should tell you not to wire someone money that you don't know.


dear me i hope you are proud of yourself . what a horrible comment .


This is a very sad situation. What is so bad is that it happens to thousands of people each day. Associates at WalMart are trained on money laundering and they have certain things to look for when doing a money order, money gram transaction but if nothing about the transaction seems suspicous then they are ok to go ahead with the transaction and alot of times when they do warn customers that they are being scammed the customers do not believe them,


I think your an *** who needs to quit blammeing others for your stupidity. :cry :cry :cry