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My son was at Walmart for nearly a whole year when he was terminated. He worked hard and never missed a day.

We live quite a few miles from the Walmart so he would occasionally be late. He got written up for it a number of times because the *** management wanted to pick on him because he is black. As other co-workers and the management themselves were often late (sometimes by hours while my son was never late by anymore than 10) My son finally started filling out forms when he was late saying he had arrived on time. It was never more than 5 minutes but the management still watched him and fired him for it.

All the white employees got away with arriving sometimes hours late and got paid for it. My son was accused of gross misconduct and is inelogible for further employment with Walmart. He has been accused of theft basically. This is so wrong .

Separate rules for white employees and black employees at Walmart.

He worked hard while the white employees goofed off and got away with everything in the book. Many white employees often took things home "forgetting" to pay for them, sat in back or breakroom talking all day, sitting out in their cars, some he even clocked in and went home, but my son got terminated for piddley things.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Racism.

I didn't like: Racism of management.

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Aliso Viejo, California, United States #1257591

Every Walmart I have ever been to was staffed with all or mostly, Blacks. I suspect having Black managers still would not stop this person from playing the race card.

to Anonymous Ontario, Canada #1257819

No one is playing the race card for real. This is a troll complaint by Blackdontcrack who makes various serious posts about racism.

The fact that the mother admitted that her son adjusted forms claiming when he was late claiming he was on time shows that either it is one of her troll posts or a completely different person that is clueless.

If her son really came into work late an then had them adjust the time to show that he came on time that is why he got fired, not because he is late and not because he is black. That is why he is charged with gross misconduct because basically it is stealing by earning money for time you did not work.

Weirsdale, Florida, United States #1256098

Another Black pulling the race card

I bet you have that card in your back pocket at all times

so when your son needs it his mommy can pull it out for him and they can use it together

give me a break

start taking responsibility for your actions

nobody made your son late for work that was all his doing

Vincennes, Indiana, United States #1252710

It wasn't because he was black, it was because he's a lazy gangbanger that refused to be at work on time! Stop blaming whites because you blacks smoke crack and are on welfare. It isn't our faults you're all lazy and good for nothing.


I can't believe people still shop at this dump. There are far better places to shop then Walmart.

Walmart treats their employees like ***, and it's low pay.

It is also a dirty, dingy, dump. Dirty scumbags, just like a lot of the people who shop, and hangout there.

to Walmart ***ks *** #1257058

So when were you fired?

to Anonymous #1257528

I never worked at Walmart ***, I only commented on the story. *** jack off troll.


Other people breaking the rules isn't an argument. That's a mentality that I'd expect from a child.

Your son should probably learn to arrive to work on time. Should those other people be fired to? Sure starve their kids too but that doesn't excuse your son's behavior.

If one person goes on a murdering spree that doesn't give the green light for everyone else to do it too. Not that I believe in Jesus, but take one from the Christians on this one...Other sinners don't justify your sins.

Houston, Texas, United States #1252231

What does inelogible mean?

Exactly what do you hope to accomplish by posting this complaint?

Exactly what do you want Walmart to do regarding this complaint?

to Anonymous #1252239

I don't think anything will be accomplished by racist walmart but I want to get my complaint out there for people to see.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1252585

So what do you expect other people to do after reading your complaint?

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