Brandenburg, Kentucky
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I just realized that I am working for walmart. When checking out

, I was told by the check out lady that she was full----meaning that all bags were full on the carousal.

She stood and waited until I had put the bags in the cart. Sorry but I will try with all means to go somewhere else when I shop. I get paid when I work, and I don't work for walmart. I shopped at the radcliff, ky location.

Now it will be at a krogers or elsewhere.

Has customer satisfaction been forgotten. Money seem to be walmart's only concern.

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Confused - are you upset with walmart or TSC?


Now that you mention it, I work for them too. I live in california, so its a different location.

The same scenario, that's ***!!

I have pain issues and three kids, why am I adding physical labor for them for free. Even costco gets your items in the cart for the customer.