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I called Walmart that morning and they told me they had the tires I wanted I asked them to hold them. I got off work 1 hr early so I could get there early enough that they wouldn't have to work over.

I stand at the desk for around 15 minutes before anyone comes out to assist me and two other customers. At 5:15 they told me it would be ready by 6pm. I went to shop in the store at 5:50 they paged me to come back to the tire dept. They proceed to tell me they can't lift my care because of the way it is made underneath.

It is a Mazda Tribute. They said the manager knew how to do it but he was not there. I asked them could they just use regular jacks and he said he could in the front but didn't see anywhere in the back that he could do it.

Why did it take them 35 minutes to figure out they could not jack my car up and why has the manager not trained them all? This is very poor customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I really think you should be happy they at least told you the truth rather than try to do it anyways. I am sure they have all been trained but maybe there was something different on your car.

it probably took them that long because they were trying to figure it out

If thats the worst thing that happened to you that day I would say you had a pretty good day!!

Imagine your car being hoisted on the jack and it sliding off onto its roof.


never buy tires from walmart this is the absolute worst place to trust that they can do this correctly. your life is at risk with your tires go to a reputable place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are you really even old enough to work and drive? When no one was assisting you do you need a parent to speak up for you?

Do you not have a mouth?

Can you not ask for help? Most likely it took them 35 minutes to get to your car because they had other cars to deal with, you are not the center of the universe you know.

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