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What a disgrace Wal-Mart and Robin Wight are to this country! What gives you the right to treat our service men and women this way?

Of yeah I almost forgot THEY DO by fighting for your freedom! My son not only fights for your right to be ignorant but also severed as a recruiter in Medina and spent money in this store.

You have not only lost me for life as a customer Wal-Mart but my WHOLE family from many states OH, PA, NC, TX, and HI just to name a few! SHAME ON YOU!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Plover, Wisconsin, United States #1073388

You are right they should have allowed your son to shoplift because he served the country. They should also allow him to rob banks, commit larceny, throw rocks at cars. Come on, seriously your son has to follow the same laws as we do.


Agreed too bad mr Sam is not here to handle this Someone would be in the unployment line Mr Sam was a patriot not a greedy un american jack!!'

to Anonymous #1072844

The Loss prevention were just doing their job. Just because her son serves the country(and I appreciate the sacrifices he has made) does not mean it is okay for him to steal. I would ignore the incident and not take it further, because your son could receive a dishonorable discharge for this.


Hi - Thanks for shopping at Walmart. Sadly, Veterans must follow the same rules that everyone else must.

Surely, you would not expect us to let veterans shoplift from our stores, right? This veteran was solicting inside this store.

Our company policy forbids soliciting within 15 feet of the door. Once again, thank you for shopping at Walmart, please come again soon!


I agree, that's shameful to say the least. That manager should be demoted to cart wrangler!

to Anonymous #1071161

Not the manager, the Loss Prevention, and he should not be demoted, but fired and black listed so that he cannot work again anywhere. I contacted my family about how poorly he was treated and they agree and will boycott the store.

Only one of my relatives sided with the Loss Prevention and they are in my heart no longer family.

It was his sister and his wife. He never got along with her and neither did I.

Saginaw, Michigan, United States #1071132

I have no idea what you are referring to. Specifics please.

to bobs2015 #1071159

My son was picked you for shoplifting. Everyone makes mistakes, and he told them that he would not do this again.

He apologized for what he did. They still called the police and banned him from the store for one year. These people would not be having a job if it were not for the sacrifices that my son made for his country. It was the first time he has done this and he claims it was because there were long line ups and he did not want to wait.

He even said he would return to pay for the items later. This is how they treat those that risked their lives for our country so they can have jobs and he is treated like a second class citizen.

to Anonymous Colleyville, Texas, United States #1071597

So if your son murdered someone on the street it would be okay as long as it was his first time, he apologized and said he would never do it again, it would be okay because he was in the service? I don't think so.

Stealing is illegal, even for veterans and they should be treated just like everyone else when they beak the law. I sure hope your son isn't in the service any more because I fire one dint want someone who can't tell the difference between right and wind fighting for me.

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