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Tonight we went into Walmart in Cranston, RI. Jonathan was the cashier.

It is obvious he is new at the job he messed up my change. It was pointed out that he made a mistake. He said wait until he serves the next customer to open the draw to correct his error. The problem was since the next customer was credit card bill the draw did not open.

The kid was going to have me wait for the next customer. I told him to get his supervisor, Monica was the supervisor stated he is new, that is obvious. Walmart set their employees up to fail. She moves as fast as molasses and made it quite clear she does not want to be bothered training people.

Why was she not near him to help him just in case things like this happen? I do expect for this circumstance Walmart give me a $20 gift card for my inconvenience. Monica is at the level of her incompetence.

I would not trust Monica to put a garbage can lid on securely. She has no reason being a supervisor, but she does fit in as the derogatory photos of people of Walmart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Tunbridge Wells, Kent, United Kingdom #1181618

Grow up. I'm pretty sure that you were not perfect when you were new at a job, so give the poor kid a break.

I'm also sure that you weren't waiting for as long as you say, either. Gonna spell out the policy about a customer saying that they're short changed just so you understand.

1. No-one can take a claim at face value any more, due to liars and scammers. Therefore, the till has to be counted to ensure that the customer is telling the truth about being short changed.


A cashier doesn't have the authority to do this and must call someone higher up.

3. I'm guessing that Walmart doesn't have a no sale button, or does not allow cashiers to open the till unnecessarily.

You are coming off as very childish by demanding a gift card for being slightly inconvenienced. Get off your cross, build a bridge and bloody well get over it.

Oh, and fyi since the argument of "I'm a shareholder" and "you must work there" is your only rebuttal, firstly, I am a taxpayer and my taxes were used to bail out Lloyds Bank.

However, that doesn't give me the right to go there and treat the tellers like ***. You being a shareholder of Walmart doesn't entitle you to special treatment.

Secondly, I don't work at Walmart; in fact, I'm not even American. So there goes your rebuttal.

Houston, Texas, United States #1180666

So you complain about the poor service you receive at this particular Walmart, yet you demand a $20.00 gift card to use at Walmart.

If a customer is not happy with the service they receive at a particular business, why on earth would they want to go back and get more merchandise with a gift card?

to snugglegirl05 Cranston, Rhode Island, United States #1180767

I would use the gift card at other Walmart's.

Houston, Texas, United States #1180662


Have you ever made a mistake in your life?

Are you perfect?

I hope you realize that no-one is perfect.

There is only one perfect being, and it is not you nor I, nor the Walmart cashier, nor the Walmart Supervisor.

What were you like when you were new on the job? Did you make any mistakes?

Did a customer demand a $20.00 gift card due to your mistake? Comments and demands like yours irritate me because I know no-one is perfect.

People make mistakes.

to snugglegirl05 Cranston, Rhode Island, United States #1180775

I have made mistakes, Jonathan one which happens the other was deliberate, he did not want the supervisor to know. That is why I am making so much out of this.

Also as a shareholder in Walmart, I don't want employees stealing from customers which I was an as an owner. You are probably one of these people who believes owning stock is what rich people have. Well rich is a word trash uses for people who know how to accumulate wealth. My time has value and I will not tolerate two idiots to waste my time and try to keep my money.

If it is found out that Monica is skimming from the registers and splitting it the people on her shift then I am going to look for much more.

In the six figure range. If this is done at one store it is done at many.

to aconsumer33360 Houston, Texas, United States #1180931

Since you are a shareholder, why on earth are you not complaining to Walmart Corporate Headquarters?

Why are you complaining on this website when Walmart Corporate Headquarters needs to be informed by an angry shareholder, which is you, of this?

to snugglegirl05 #1180974

Probably because she knows how ridiculous her complaint is. People make mistakes.

There is no proof she was deliberately short changed, she is jumping to conclusions and making ridiculous demands to be compensated for a slight inconvenience. I too have been given incorrect change at Wal-Mart as well as other establishments, both short and extra.

You have to either give allowance for human error, or just stay home. Also, remember that you are not the only customer in the store so it will take time sometimes for the supervisor to arrive.

Atkins, Arkansas, United States #1180449

You want a $20.00 gift card because you had to wait a few extra minutes for you change? That's a bit excessive.

What kind of job do you have that you get paid $20.00 a minute that you needed to be reimbursed for?

A store the size of that one probably does not hire one cashier at a time, either. There were probably several hired the same day that went to orientation together and got trained together, so Monica may have been helping one of them.

Also, there are several CSMs that work different shifts on different days, so Monica may not have been solely responsible for this cashiers training.

You are angry over something so miniscule in embarrassed for you.

Fullerton, California, United States #1179946

give the kid a break and get a freekin life, ***.

to Anonymous Cranston, Rhode Island, United States #1182472

You are an enabler!

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