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Recently, I purchased a set of plastic, 41-count "shatterproof" Holiday Time ornaments to decorate my Christmas tree. I have been very excited to decorate my house, and have been waiting to buy these Christmas ornaments. I bought them because I knew my fat *** cat would love to play with them on my tree, and I knew I would never have the time to clean up broken glass on my floor. (Aint nobody got time fo that)

Once I started putting up the ornaments onto my tree, I realized that the bottom half of the container, about 7 or 8 ornaments, were previously broken. On some, the sides had been busted inward, and on others the entire top was missing. WTF. Because I was hosting an early Gingerbread party that night, I didn't have the time nor the patience to take them back to Walmart to get more. Thanks to their "shatterproof" ornaments, my tree was a horrendous embarrassment to the party, and I was constantly teased about the horrible scene. I figured 41 ornaments would be a good amount for my large tree, but considering the whole top portion was ornament-less, my tree was not a very good addition to my other Christmas decorations.

Due to the endless taunting from my friends and family, I now have lost the privilege of ever hosting our Gingerbread parties ever again. Thanks to these ornaments, my carpet is now soiled, due to my unending tears. I will definitely be telling my other friends (who never saw my disgusting tree) about my horrible experience.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $9.

Preferred solution: I would like to receive free ornaments and other free Christmas decorations due to my horrible experience..

Walmart Cons: Broken ornaments.

  • Holiday Times
  • Ornaments
  • Shatterproof
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A little over- dramatic don't you think?


Nope being over-dramatic would be cutting her wrists because of this experience, she or he just has the normal reaction of a psychopath.