Hastings, Nebraska
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i was shopping at the walmart store in hastings ne. an employee was walking by me i said excuse me could you help me please, she kept on walking.

she was wearing a bee costume, her name tag said shelby, i asked anpther employee for help and asked about that girls name shelby rhodes, was what the man told me her name was. i can't believe a person would ignore a customer like that. i will go to grand island nebraska to shop from now on.

you would think that since you are shopping at there store you could at least smile, and say how may i help you. i guess she doesn't care about customers in her walmart store..

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First off Shelby is not deaf. And marilyn did u ever think that maybe she didn't hear you?

Before u start bad mouthing others maybe u should look in the mirror and reflect on youself first.

Have a great day. And I'm sure we will see u at hastings walmarts soon.


"Interesting" site. and this is why the internet should be better regulated.

A mixture of fact and fiction, just enough fact that some misguided person might believe the fiction. I believe there is no such person as Marilyn Bordon. I believe there is someone who holds a grudge against an individual and is using this blog to bad mouth that person. Naughty, naughty.

And the Wal-Mart in Hastings doesn't have a deaf employee named Shelby Rhodes. People who work there are hired for their abilities not their disabilities.

On the other hand you can find all kinds of people shopping there.

I actually believe just one person has posted most of the comments on this thread, what a bored person!



Zachary, not only do you have better manners than the 15 year old son, you also have better manners than the mother. Also I think "groop home" is a spelling mistake for 'group home".

As for the Marilyn bordon, you need to teach your son some manners and to respect others. While you are at it you should take a class in manners and respect yourself.


What's a groop home, is it the same thing as a group home.


Actually Brett, if you read her replies she later found out that Shelby is deaf. SHe wants Shelby fired because she is deaf.

She asked another employee about Shelby and they told her she was not being rude but was deaf. She wants Shelby and all the other disabled employees fired and to be replaced with non disabled people. To the person who wrote this.

I am 12 and have better manners than your son. I don't go around making fun of those that are disabled.


maybe she was having a bad day dealing with *** cusromers like you and was finnally fed up . Maybe you should work retail at minimum wage and tell me how you feel everyday


Instead of making excuses for your 15 year old son what you need to do is teach him respect. The person who is mentally disabled can't help how he is.

Also I understand your frustration when you thought the employee was deliberatly ignoring you.

But when you found out she was deaf should you not be more understanding. At least we know where your son gets his behavior from.


actually the employee in question is deaf. They only hire people like her because they pity her.

if shelby cannot hear than they should fire her. Infact they should not have hired this invalid at all. i will go shopping at the grand island store from now on. shelby rhodes go to a groop home you invalid.

this store is full of freaks, there one mentally disabled employee who they never should have hired by the name of rick. the manager kicked my 15 year old out of the store for laughing at him with his friends. if this employee does not want to be laughted at or if the manager did not want him laughed at he should fire him or better yet not hire these freaks. then there is this cripple in the store who takes a long time to check your receipt.

honestly he should be in a groop home and not be working. i don't want to wait for three days for some criple to check my receipt and even his smile is retarded. these two should go to a groop home for retards and not be seen in public if they don't want to be made fun of.

they should give the job to some abled bodied person. i will not go to a store that hires freaks and rejects.


So you are banning the whole store based on one bad employee. I guess I should avoid the state of Nebraska because perhaps everyone in Nebraska type without any capt and have a third grade level education.

I am basing this on your letter.

See how silly this all sounds. Also that person could get fired for giving you a last name which was none of your business.