Amite, Louisiana
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We shop at Walmart in Mansfield ,Pa. Shelves are not kept stocked.

Doesn't matter what day you go. Pharmacy is a joke. They can't remember how many scripts you give them.Very poor mangement. A surprise visit by Corp.

is needed. We will do our shopping in Wellsboro at Top's and Weis.I have shopped at walmart stores for years and this store is a digrace to the company. ARE the company exc. to busy to check there stores?

No wonder companies are going under. No one cares anymore.Just fill there pockets with money .Very unhappy.

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Same story here In Tucson. It has become extremely difficult to find everything I shop for at Wallys.

Management claims they get less deliveries so items go quick. My point was if they want to increase profits, then having the items that sell in high volume stocked would help.

I'm considering other sources since the need is still there...