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On 11/06/2017, I purchased a computer through Walmart's "In Store Pickup". I went into the store, gave them my phone to show them my order transaction and pay with cash.

No problem, that all went smooth. On 11/15/2017, my order was ready and I went into the store, checked in, and picked it up. I get home, and get it opened up and it's the wrong computer inside the box, although the box was right. I pack it back up for a return back to Walmart the next day.

On 11/16/2017, I go back into the store to return my item. The manager was very rude and mean about it and refused to issue me a cash refund. She said she could only refund me a $632 Walmart gift card. She tells me if there is an issue, I can ask corporate.

So I take my computer with me back home and talk to corporate. Corporate tells me they will issue me a cash refund when they get my item back, and apologize for the problem. After waiting almost two weeks, I finally get the confirmation email, with a bar code that I can take into the customer service center inside the store and they'll scan it and issue me my refund. I go into the store and show them, they scan it and it doesn't work.

Three separate employees all had to call corporate, because each time, they'd get transferred and then hung up on. After two hours of numerous transfers and hang ups, we finally got through to someone who was able to determine there was an issue. They had figured out the issue and told me that they would be sending me a check in the mail within two weeks. Apparently when I had gone in the first time to return the item, and the manager wanted to issue me a gift card, she screwed up something and it wouldn't allow them to issue a refund.

After waiting two weeks I decided to contact corporate again. I explained my situation once more and it turns out they still hadn't written me a check. They tell me they can't do anything because I was already issued a partial refund.... Of $4.90, on a $632 item.

In the form of a Walmart gift card. I'm not sure who did it, but I never received a gift card. I asked them to remove the $4.90 from that gift card and add it onto my check. They assured me they would do that.

Finally, on 12/17/2017, my check arrived. And of course they never added the $4.90 they owe me. I'm so done with them.

It shouldn't take over a month to get a refund, especially when they are stealing money out of it. I strongly urge you not to make purchases at Walmart, they will try their hardest to keep your money, and even if they try to refund you, they'll likely try to give you a Walmart gift card so that your money stays in their store.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $632.

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