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Walmart lies about items in stock and then accepts your order knowing well that they do not have it in stock. They will create a shipping label to give you the impression that it has shipped, but in reality they do not have it and it will take 2 weeks or more to receive.

I have had this happen on numerous occasions.

This is deceptive and wrong. They even do this for in store purchases, keep the inventory numbers high and actually have none on the shelf or anywhere in the store.

User's recommendation: Don’t buy from Walmart online.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Walmart Cons: All.

Location: 7150 Camino Arroyo, Gilroy, CA 95020

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I have so much money I could pay 5x the amount of products that the first of the month people can. So I am tired of not being able to find the supplies I need.

Get over this pandemic now. Life must go on. I m sick of people sitting a home and collecting unemployment just because there is a virus out there. People like me, people who have plenty of money, need to be able to find clorox and Lysol wipes and other supplies.

Stop using the pandemic as an excuse to be lazy. It is a new normal no, get with it. I am not using the virus as an excuse to sleep late and sit on my butt all day. My job as a mother is constant, therefore I demand for what I need to be on the shelves each time I go to Walmart.

I have a house, husband and children to take care of, I need all the brand name cleaning products. I think it should be mandatory for shelves to always be stocked, just like masks are mandatory. I am not some poor lazy mother who sits on her humongous rear end all day smoking and snacking on high-calorie junk food, I am better than those women. I actually want to take care of my kids and clean my house.

So cleaning products must be available to me. I can afford to pay more for items than the average shopper, I dont have to wait for the first of the month to roll around, I always have plenty of money, so I expect for all the brand name products to be available when I go to Walmart. I never use Great Value brand to clean with, I actually want a clean house and I am not lazy. I expect Walmart to stop being lazy because those shelves are not going to stock themselves.

And before anyone says people are buying alot of certain items I say order way more of those products since you no they are in high-demand right now. It is literally a no-brainer.

If I worked at Walmart and did the inventory shelves would be stocked. I hate lazy incompetent people who want use this pandemic as an excuse to not do their job.


If you have that much money then you can just go buy your supplies at CVS and Walgreens or at a full service grocery store. The cleaning products cost much more there, but you can be assured that the people on the DOLE aren't getting their supplies there.

They are thrifty and shop at places like WalMart and Dollar Joe. .......by the way, you sound like you've got some psychiatric issues that you need treatment for.


It's not my fault that you are poor. I have checked the places you mentioned.

I live in a southern small town and we have limited stores to choose from. Also I don't want to drive to other counties due to the pandemic. I am trying to follow the guidelines, I am not mentally ill, I have just had it with other people not following guidelines and I am not wealthy but my husband is one of the few men in eastern kentucky who actually provides well for his family. We live comfortably enough that we can pay extra to just avoid all the hassle of overcrowded stores, like we do actually have a little more money than time sometimes.

We are careful during this pandemic and we have just had it with our low-income area being denied products that we can afford. I feel like we are lacking access to sanitizing products because of our location. I am tired of stores being so incompetent during these times, I feel like this area assumes everyone is poor and dont have the better cleaning products since most poor people are too lazy to clean. I want to sanitize my house, and yes I would pay alot extra for certain items.

I feel like we are experiencing geographical discrimination. I live in a low-income state and am being treated like insignificant because of geographical discrimination. I do not have mental issues, I feel like you wanted to insult because you dont like the fact that I have money.

Like I said, my husband believes in taking better care of his family than most men and I take the wellbeing of my children more seriously than most moms. Honestly, people should not have children if they struggle financially.


Thank you for drawing attention to the fact that this scamdemic has made many, many more lazy people out of our citizens. Too many are being given a living, which if they are okay with being a drain on society and resources that is on them, but those of us who do work and earn our money should definitely have the ability to purchase products and not stare at empty shelves because we had to work all day and weren't able to run to the store to buy up the latest 'end of the world' supplies that seem to be in dire need.


I so agree. I know of several people who quit their jobs because unemployment pays more than their salary.

My husband has to work, and I have to still be a mother, and to keep my family safe, I need for the items I am shopping for to be on the shelves. Companies have had months to catch with supply and demand of most products. It really makes me mad when I go into a store and put myself and my family at risk only to have to return home without the items I desperately need. When I leave the safety of my home, I have to know that I wont return without these much needed supplies.

Also I am shopping for my father and my mother-in-law, both who cant be put at risk due to pre-existing medical conditions. I am tired of empty shelves, there is no excuse for it anymore.


I agree. I am tired of stores using this pandemic as an excuse to be incompetent.

It is time to get over it and get back to work. I am tired of the laziness. I am not using the pandemic to avoid the responsibilities and obligations of life. I have a family to take care of and a house to keep clean and safe.

I cant be lazy and decide to not cook or do housework. I feel enough time has passed by that stores have had time to catch up with the demand of certain products. Get off your lazy butts and get back to work. I want to see Clorox and Lysol wipes back on the shelves.

I refuse to believe that this cant be accomplished. It is non-negotiable, I need these cleaning products. Those shelves have been empty for months, I have had it. My work is continuous and I am not too lazy to do it.

I like keeping my home clean, safe and sanitized. It is unacceptable for shelves to STILL be empty. This is the new normal and stores have had plenty of time to adapt. Get with it people.

Daily routines of life cant stay halted forever. There is no excuse for people to still be using this pandemic as an excuse to not keep shelves stocked. And now Walmart is out of things that do not make sense. I cant find rapid release acetaminophen pm.

Why is it that only pm medicine is scarce during the pandemic? Also why is it harder to find certain brand of things. I have so much money I would pay 4 times the regular price for certain cleaning products, Walmart is carrying too much of the cheap brands of things. I am so sick of Great Value brand in everything, even in food items.

I like to buy the higher priced items. It is almost as though Walmart is discriminate against people with money. My husband makes alot of money yet we cant find the items we need. My life cant stop for a virus, I still need to protect my home and children.

So why is Walmart not working harder to get products? Isnt their goal to make money? I have so much money, I mean all kinds of money but I need to be able to find what I need. I am not lazy like the first of the month people who only buy cheap products.

I actually want to clean my house and take care of my children. I dont sleep all day like poor people, I get up early, make breakfast, I actually want to sanitize my house and be a good mother. I always come to Walmart with lots of cash. Why doesnt Walmart want to make money?

I demand that Walmart snaps out of it and stop using the coronavirus as an excuse not to work. I am not using the pandemic as a reason to be lazy, and I wont allow others to be either. These products are necessities to protect our families from this virus. Therefore, there should be a law made that the shelves are not empty.

Just like wearing a mask is mandatory, Why isnt it mandatory that Walmart keeps the items that we need on the shelves, it should be mandatory not to run out of necessities.

They know a pandemic is going on, therefore why dont they know to order much much more of the in-demand products, enough for everyone? More people need to help me demand that Walmart makes sure all essential items are available to everyone at all times.

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