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I purchased, Walmart.com, a child's electric remote control car in Oct 2015 to be given as a gift for Christmas. The car quit working in January 2016.

I was ill and finally got around to calling Walmart.com in March 2016 about this issue. Their 1st response was that I had to call a 3rd party vendor, Best Choice Products, since the merchandise came from them. If it wouldn't have been for advertising by Walmart.com I would have never seen this car nor would I have ordered it through Walmart.com. I called Best Choice and they refused to take the car back because it had been more than 60 days since I ordered it nor would they honor their Christmas gift return policy.

The rep said it was probably the ac/dc adapter that was bad and said she would contact me the next day to let me know if she had an extra one that she could send me for free or that she'd sell me one. I've been waiting over a week for that call. I chatted with an agent at Walmart.com today and got the same old song and dance, they can't do anything because it was bought from a 3rd party vendor. The agent told me to call in to see if they could escalate my complaint.

I did call in and got put on hold for about 45 minutes and at that time I hung up. I called back and had to leave a message because their agents were to busy. I called back again and got an agent on the phone.

He escalated my complaint to a supervisor and also came back with "we can't do anything because you bought it from a 3rd party vendor and the length of time". I realize it's my fault for not calling back in January but on the other hand why will Walmart not do anything about a product that they advertised and that they sell on their website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Walmart Cons: Costomer service.

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NO MORE WALMART i purchased some clothing items from walmart,com when the arrived they were 1) mis sized 2) one item had a sleeve that was much much longer than the other 3) mis sown for a month i emailed every day and called now there email does not work and there phone is disconnected Walmart escalated it to a claim then didnt follow through im glad i didnt purchase more DO NOT SHOP AT WALMART YOU WIL BE RIPPED OFF


You waited well past the 30 days to do something so why throw a temper tantrum. What a good role model you are for your son.