Huntsville, Missouri
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Wal-Mart release this company from the exclusive contract or STOCK THE PRODUCT!

your great value pie is total crap... people won't buy it.

Your customers are now shopping elsewhere where they can buy good products and aren't forced into buying your crap.

Stop eliminating competing brands and forcing your crap ! You want consumers to buy your brand... make better stuff . Give a choice to your customers.

You put your stores in rural areas with little or no competition so you can choose what YOU want to sell . So many people depend on your stores in my area because they cannot afford to drive to another store farther away. You take advantage of the neediness of the people who made you the huge company you are.

I make the 45 minute drive to the next town and shop at Hy-Vee, they carry their brand and ALL the others. I buy several of theirs and some of my favorite brands as well ...

because I have the choice to purchase what I want . Thanks for letting me rant , signed, ex-Wal-Marter

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I believe that we also have a "GREAT VALUE" president as well. His ugly and angry sourpuss face would be the perfect public face for Wal-Mart.