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A Wal Mart employee stole my I Phone while I was at the store showing a confirmation e mail I received from Wal Wal Mart says they are not responsible for what happens in the store and they are cliaming there is no video of employee steeling phone.

This was after someone from loss prevention told me otherwise. Even if they claim they are not responsible for that there is a bigger issue at hand. I was there trying to receive a refund for 2 I Pads I purhased in November 2012.

The I pads never came in and Wal Mart took three months to issue my refund. And that was only because I turned them into the Better Business Bureau or I probably still wouldn't have my refund.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Looks like Lady Scot and the other anonymous person who posted need to learn how to read. It clearly says (2) I Pads and the customer tried going to the store first to get a refund and when that didnt happen, thats when they turned to the better business bureau.

I think it is sad that a person can't receive a proper refund from Wal Mart. As far as the phone goes looks like some people are just that dishonest. Employee or not it does not make stealing someones phone right. Even if the customer might have set it down it doesnt give someone the right to take it.

Probably the reason our society is so corrupt and messed up. There are too many dishonest, rude, thieves!!!!!

Really finders keepers?? Wow hope something like that happens to you so you can get the other end of that deal and see how it feels


I do know how it feels. I left my purse at Olive Garden once, and it was gone when I went back.

My bad. I am the one who left it, it was MY fault. I never blamed anyone but myself. What is wrong with the world is NO ONE wants to take responsibility for THEIR actions.

They want to blame everyone else.

As for refunds for Ipads, the store has nothing to do with refunding the website purchases. If the refund never came, then you could have filed a chargeback with your credit card.

But seriously, all you had to do was log into your account and TRACK the packages. Something tells me you probably got them.


yes ladyscot was ignorant for leaving her purse at olive garden and it serves her right that a hateful person like her stole it rather than turning it in to lost and found, sounds like bad karma what goes around ladyscot comes around. wonder what other evil deeds will come back to haunt you...


HaaaaHaaaaHaaaa - LadyScot forgot "her" purse. Another wonderful reason to cut and paste .....

Well - hello LadyScot. Didn't think you'd hear from me again, did you? Here I am again; you didn't shut me down yet. I'm so happy that you are being exposed for who you actually are. You don't give one dam-n about the poor people who post to this site. Your entire goal is to please the people whose as-s you kiss at and cra-p on every poster you possibly can to make yourself look like you are doing a hel-lof a great job for the company. I have requested several of your fellow cohorts be shut down/"blocked" for violations against the terms we all had to initally agree to so we could use the site Pissedconsumer, but my request went ignored. Now I realize it's because I don't work for Pissedconsumer, but you do. If nothing else comes out of this and I get shut out permanently (like you've failed at doing so far), at least no one will trust anything you write. You and your cronies are being exposed and it's clearer for people to see now. If I can't get back on Pissedconsumer in the future because you managed to get me blocked out, at least I've exposed your inner circle of Pissedconsumer saboteurs. I sincerely hope LadyScot becomes the thorn in your eye you can't remove. Between he and I, maybe you creeps will quit taking shots at the very people this site was supposed to help!


yes ladyscot was ignorant for leaving her purse at olive garden and it serves her right that a hateful person like her stole it rather than turning it in to lost and found, sounds like bad karma what goes around ladyscot comes around. wonder what other evil deeds will come back to haunt you...


i agree whole heartedly with LadyScot. You have to be responsible for your own actions.

More than likely you forgot that you had laid the phone someplace and another customer found it. You know the old saying "Finders keepers, losers weepers." Maybe when people would learn to keep their *** cell phones in their purses while shopping, things like that wouldn't happen. Why were you trying to get a refund for 21 IPads that you never received, when at the end of your post you say you had received the refund after reporting it to the BBB? What were you trying to do "double dip?" Sure sounds like it to me.

Why would anybody in their right mind want to buy 21 IPads? Even if it was for gifts, who can afford that many of that kind of presents?


ummm.... if you read his post it says he was trying to return 2 Ipads....

not 21. and even if he was buying 21, that still doesn't make someone taking his phone ok?

whether he left it somewhere or it was indeed stolen the point is, nobody bothered to help him locate it, and regardless of how many Ipads you thought he was able to purchase someone should have helped him.. definitely sounds like poor customer service and I don't blame him for being upset.


So glad someone knows how to read. Yes it sad 2 I Pads not 21.

The customer was at the store trying to get a refund and was using the phone to pull up an email with a confirmation needed to get the refund. The employee stole it from the site to store desk. It was confirmed by loss prevention but then a manager higher up decided Wal Mart didn't want to get the employee in trouble so the said Wal Mart was not responsible. I was there that night and witnessed this event and I personally hope this customer sues.

Then to see that it took so long to get the refund. How ridiculous and unprofessional on Wal Marts part.


Obviously, you don't know how to read. He/ She said (2) ipads.

Not 21. Even if they did buy 21 what is it of your business. Jealous are you. I think so.

People can buy what ever they want. :grin


That is the common sense logo of reasonable, rational adults. Did you see an employee steal your phone?

Did they take it out of your purse? Or did you walk away and leave it on the counter for another customer to pick up? Unless you saw someone take the phone, you have absolutely no basis for your accusation.

And if you did indeed leave it laying somewhere, then someone taking it would not be theft. It would be your irresponsibility that made you lose it.

I find your post offensive, inflammatory, and completely unwarranted.