one can of dog food cost 70-cent, 12 cans cost 75-cents each, same brand, same amount, same dog food. And....

the attendant in charge of the registers said "that's just the way it is". so guess what... no more walmart experience for us. no way.

What more can I say except that wall world thinks they are the king. I think they are now lower on the pole than ever. If everyone stayed away from walmart for a day, then they'd sit up and listen to our complaints. How about if we stay away for ever.

Mom and Pop stores might open again and we'd have a better world. Avoid Walmart!

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Overland Park, Kansas, United States #765517
Lol i think ur mom and ppl that think like him or her will eventually be in for a rude awakening. Eventually the consumers will get tired of attitudes like yours and well have a say alright.

When it gets to that point ppl like you will get banged. :)

Seriously? You don't understand how this works?

They price it; you buy it. How hard is that to understand? When you run the dogfood company, a store, or really anything at all in life (since you obviously can't even handle buying dogfood, I doubt you do anything at all correctly) then and only then can you have a say in the pricing structure.

The loose cans are cheaper because nobody buys them and it costs more to store them until someone comes by to get one. You pay extra for the convenience of the 12 pack.

see? that was easy.

to urmomwashereandibangedher #765638

She is obviously only six years old, too young to get that concept. After all she cannot even think without a parent telling her to get 12 cans at 70 cents instead. You even get different flavors.


ALL stores do this with certain items. It's almost always cheaper to buy in bulk than to buy a single item.

Most people have caught on to this by now, so occasionally stores will slightly mark up the price of each item in bulk in an attempt to get more money from people who automatically assume bulk=cheaper. You just have to do the math before buying.


Stores are in it to make MONEY CEO'S are paid in the millions and give themselves stock options in the millions IN ORDER to pay these salaries they need to keep coming up with MARKETING to MAKE more and more money off the SAME CUSTOMERS. It isn't give better quality, better products customers come back it is GET MORE MONEY for the same stuff and pay yourself a great big million dollar bonus. Only you care about what YOU PAY the COMPANIES you shop at DO NOT!!


Why not? I mean they are considered two separate items.

It's like with many stores, 20oz bottles of soda cost more than their 2-liter bottle counterparts.


Little known secret.....its in the packaging. Big boxes want you to think buying in bulk is cheaper.....you just caught on to some of thier games they play

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