Mount Airy, Maryland
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There are a lot of products going out of store#1039 that are not being paid for. I think a lot of it going out the garden center.

There should be a guard at the gate of the garden center at all times and receipts should be checked every time. This is not only costing the company money it is also taking money away from the employees who work hard for their money.

I hope you take me serious and try to rectify this problem. I don't like paying higher prices because of a dishonest shopper who thinks that they are too good to pay for what they got.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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well, ignorant anonymous Sioux Falls, South Dakota you DON'T KNOW what you are talking about because the walmart I shop at still has door greeters. you poor old ignorant hag thanks for finally letting us know that you can't do anything but sit on your fat inbred as and post comments about subjects you know nothing about you are and old 73 year old hag that is completely out of touch with reality. NOT ALL WALMART STORES GOT RID OF THEIR DOOR GREETERS!


My walmart has door greeters guess the economy in Sioux falls, sd is so bad they can even hire old hags like anonymous from siouxfalls, sd to greet customers. the f.a.g. hag would only scare customers away.


Well Anonymous, you don't know what you are talking about. One of the managers told me that the door greeters are taken out and given other jobs, as each store remodels.

There haven't been door greeters in Sioux Falls for at least a year. The only time I worked at any WalMart was in another city and that was about 20 years ago. Since then I did office work in a couple different offices, including legal secretary, until 2006, when my health got worse, and I was in too much pain to go to work.

I am now 73, and can't even stand long enough to peel two potatoes. It is time to grow up, and maybe go back to school in order to learn how to capitalize, and maybe even some manners.


The reason they do not is because too many people complain about having their stuff checked, especially, when many people bring up discrimination and profiling. A shame, really.

Either way, no one is going to be happy, and I bet which one is bound to hit the media first if it becomes a major issue.

Until then, there will be the security they have along with their cameras and communications.


I know for a fact that the majority of people who shoplift at Walmart are latino or black. They are dirty little thieves and they use their race to get out of it for the most part. It is ridiculous!


How do you know this? Are you one of the shoplifters?

Being WalMart no longer has door greeters, it could happen at all the exits, but then on the other hand, they do have security cameras, and guards. I'm sure no more goes on there, than in other discount stores.

How do you mean it is taking money away from the employees.


These stores are insured against theft and prices won't be increased because some people are *** and steal things.


when people steal from Walmart its called shrink and it comes right off the bottom line and write out of our bonuses!!! :(