Mount Airy, North Carolina
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There is food gotten in the deli and customers eat it as they are shopping and then put the wrappers and contains on the shelves. This is not only stealing it is costing the company and the employees a lot of money.

My suggestion is to put a register in the deli and pay for the food as you get it and this would in my opinion stop a lot of the problem.

To spend a little money to save a lot makes good common sense. I really hope you take my suggestion into consideration, I take things like this serious.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Do you know how long I've been saying this! I've worked for the company for six years and nothing! Good luck, they don't listen to anyone...they say they do, but they don't.


I totally agree they should have a register in the deli and bakery. I have witnessed several people over the years get donuts for themselves and their children they eat them while shopping and never pay for them.

After seeing this once the next time I witnessed it happen I was behind the family in the check out line and they never mentioned the donuts and one of the children was still eating a donut. I have also seen a woman fill a bag with white grapes and her and her small child ate them while shopping they are priced per pound so they stole the grapes they ate.

How gross to eat grapes that have not been properly washed who knows who has touched them or if they washed their hands after going to the bathroom. In the end those of us that do not steal pay higher prices because of those that do.


Do you work at Walmart, or are you just pissed at Walmart? Ether way maybe you would be happier if you found another job. Just sayin' :sigh


How do you know this? Just because you see a wrapper on the shelf doesn't mean that they didn't pay for it.

For all you know it could have been a food item that was bought in another store, that the person decided to bring in and eat as they shopped. Myself I don't understand the people that think they have to eat as they shop.