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Purchased goods online.Walmart takes $300 out of my account. Received an email that order has been cancelled with no explanation and that my account will be reimbursed within 7 days.My credit card company calls me because they flagged suspected fraud on while using the Walmart site.This has happened 3 times.

I will no longer purchase online items from Walmart.

It is too much of a hassle and they apparently have problems with their online shopping system.Back to Amazon and other retailers that will call you or at least let you know what the issue is if an order is cancelled.The bottom line: Walmart is borrowing my money for 7 days, banking it and collecting interest before they reimburse me. This is a shady business practice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

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Bay City, Michigan, United States #603415

Not sure what the problem is, but I doubt it is with WalMart. You need to contact your credit card company and find out what the problem is.

In my experience, WalMart online is rather good at identifying fraud and potential fraud.

In fact, in one case they were the only ones who detected a possible problem and were very professional and competent about it. This is the online WalMart, not the local store personnel, mind.

Richardson, Texas, United States #603395

I order online with WALMART all the time and I have not had a problem until i purchased an running wear suit for my GRANDBABY.The order was suppose to be here between JAN.17TH an JAN.21ST right.Well i assume know checked to see that the 21ST of JAN.Was the MLK HOLIDAY.Plus WALMART sell other companies product.This order was shipped thru USPS.That has never happened when i ordered before.Everyone know's USPS SUCK'S.We are lucky if we recieve anything from the USPS.WalMart should inform their customer's better about the DELIVERY DATE and Who?Exactly will be DELIVERING the PRODUCT.

Richardson, Texas, United States #603391

I order online with WALMART.Never had a problem with cancellation before.They send an E-MAIL to my computer and Let me know when my order shipped.Sometime's WALMART sell other companies product,And when that happen's their could be a problem.I ordered an running wear suit for my grandbaby.The suit was suppose to arrive between JAN.17TH and JAN.21ST.I assume neither checked to see that the 21ST of jan.Was a holiday MLK RECIEVED package on the 23RD of JAN.Hey *** HAPPEN'S.But i do not like that idea that the package was sent thru USPS

Lexington, North Carolina, United States #603380

Walmart has better ways of making their money than taking your measly 300 dollars and "banking it for interest". 7 days?

yeah, they'd get richer quicker.

However, I'd be pisssed too if I ordered something, it was cancelled, then I had to wait a week to get my money back.

to klb #603385
Multiply $300 X1000 or better on cancelled orders that are banked. So yes, walmart can easily earn interest on your borrowed money.

You must not buy stocks? Companies do this all the time. Look at your favorite companies balance or assets sheet. Look at earned interest income....where do you think that money comes from? It's a crappy business practice, but not illegal.

My bad experience may not be yours. I am just reporting and choose to shop from more consumer friendly stores from now on.

Flame on trolls/fanboys/and wally world employees. :p
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #603379

I order regularly from WalMart online, and have never had any problems. I either use my VISA card, but most of the time I just go and buy a WalMart gift card to use for these orders, because that way I avoid paying interest.

to anonymous #603387
I'm glad you had no issue. They may be having issue with their credit billing software, either way I do not like that they do not call or email with an explanation to make a sale.

That's fine if they do not want my money I will just spend it elsewhere :) I have no problem in paying higher prices for better customer service.

I gave it a chance, three times, and they failed. I'm hoping management sees these posts so they can fix or at least address the issues.

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