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My shopping came to $30.09, so I gave the cashier $40.09, so I wouldn't end up with a lot of change. She gave me my receipt and before I had a chance to say anything she said you gave me a $20 and a $10.

I asked her to check and she opened the drawer and took a $20 from the slot and reached under the next slot and pulled out a $10 and said this is what you gave me. I immediately went to see a supervisor and they checked the footage and said it was clear that I gave $30. I asked to see it and they refused. I always keep my money all facing the same way and in order.

I know I took 2 $20's from the rear of my wallet after giving her the 9cents. It is easy to make mistakes, had she apologized when she checked the drawer and given me my change I would have let it go.

I cannot tolerate thieves and liars, which this cashier is. I'll still shop at Walmart, but I'll travel the extra distance and go to Fletcher Parkway, where ther customer service is far superior.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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