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Never again. You get no more money, not a dime from me, Walmart!

When more than half of what I purchase from your store, I ultimately end up needing to return. Not again. Not ever!

I will happily pay more elsewhere for items that I intentionally leave my home to purchase because I NEEDED THEM to actually work, function, last, be fresh! We do not shop because we want to give you money for pretend and evaporating merchandise and grouchy customer service.

Your ads are lies, your merchandise is sub-sub standard, at best.

I'm done with you forever no matter what it costs me to purchase the quality I will always expect from reputable retailers. You will never be one of those. Enjoy what you get now because people will realize soon enough that they work too hard for the money you so willingly maneuver out of them. They'll catch on.

Your days are numbered.

As for me, you're out. You're so incredibly fired!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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please do go somewhere else. walmart is by far the @1 retailer in the world and still growing.

they don't need complainers like you. there are a hundred customers to take your place. try target. you get the same *** for more money.

trump for president. brings jobs, and quality, back.

clint eastwood for vice president. can i get a hoorah?


You're so incredibly fired!...

So exactly how can any customer fire Walmart since they do not work there?

And if the customer even worked there, exactly how could they fire Walmart?

So you, as a customer, want to fire every Walmart employee? What about the other customers who shop at Walmart?

Should they not be able to shop at Walmart just because you are mad? What about the Walmart employees?

Should they all be without a job just because you are mad? Why punish every Walmart employee just because you are mad?