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This location has the worst p.a.system policy of any store I've been in,making the shopping experience most aggravating. The speaker system volume must be at the very top making the words distorted.

This seems to happen about every 30 seconds. The public should not have to put up with this ridiculous noise pollution. And what is this "Did you find everything you wanted? " baloney when you know nothing will ever be done about it.

What's with the produce section in this store.

I saw corn on the cob in there that should have been discarded the week prior. This Walmart has rude workers who will not give the right of way to the customer, but would rather run you over with a pallet lifter or shopping cart!

Reason of review: Loud PA system, rude employees, and unstocked shelves for a long time!.

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Sigh! Canadians!

Collingwood, Ontario, Canada #971929

I totally agree. This Walmart is the worst one I've been to.

None of the people seem to know how to do their jobs. The produce is always half rotten and the shelves are always half empty.

What's with the removal of all but two price check stations? Yet they leave up the signs like some sort of sick joke.

The pa system is deafening and the entryway smells like someone's armpits.


Yes, how dare Walmart associates do their jobs!! What is this world coming to!


It sounds like you have some growing up to do. Being you don't like the store quit shopping there. It is real easy to figure out, but then of course you wouldn't be able to complain about WalMart, would you.

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