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Let me first say, I had not been to a Walmart store in at least 10 years before this. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I've read horror stories about Walmart, but didn't really take them seriously until now.

So I had to run in and grab some condoms the other day, all I saw were lowlife welfare moms, anchor babies, and a bunch of fat people filling their carts with Cheetos and Twinkies. The checkout line stunk to high heaven of sweat and body odor as well.

When I finally paid and got outside, I was literally gasping for breaths of fresh air. I will NEVER, EVER step foot into a Walmart ever again!

Reason of review: disgusting atmosphere.

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Dude, your comments show what type of person you are!

Meridian, Mississippi, United States #905612

I don't care anything about the people there except the MOBIDLY OBESE people that ride around on the tricyle like handicap carts. Being 350lbs doesn't make you handicap, get up and walk lardasses.

Orange, California, United States #905526

You should have given your condoms to the welfare mothers and told them to use them. Sure they are expensive, but in the long run(assuming they do use the condoms) it will save you years on tax payers money to feed the child or as the case usually is hounds of children.


Talk about a prejudiced, know it all. You have no way of knowing exactly what they people you saw were, regarding being on welfare, anchor babies, and whatever else you said.

You also highly exaggerated the items that you say you saw "fat" people putting in their carts. Actually if all you went in there for was some condoms, you must have been in the whole store, instead of just the health and beauty aids department. Furthermore, it wasn't any of your business what people were buying.

I also doubt that the check out line stank of sweat and BO. I think you need to get back on your meds.

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