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My sister was working at Walmart a couple of years ago. She was working in the bakery at the time. She got pregnant and a few months later had a miscarriage. She still went to work during that time. A few days later, she got the flue and diarrhea. We told her that she should not be working in the bakery with diarrhea. So she called in sick and they fired her for it. She told them that she could bring in a doctors note saying that she was sick and she should not be working in the bakery. They told her they would not except it. She filed for unemployment. My sister had to talk to a judge and the walmart employee that fired her. She told the judge that she brought a note and they would not except it and the judge asked the employee and she unwillingly agreed. My sister got the unemployment.

My sister now works at a different walmart and works in the garden center. Her 18 month old daughter got a cold and a really bad fever so they took her into the doctor. My sister needs to stay with her tomorrow and she told us that she is going to have to call in and she is afraid that she will get fired again for a sickness.

Walmart does not care for their employees at all. They will do anything to get out of any situation with an employee.

Walmart needs to treat their employees better, better yet, they need to treat everyone better.

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If your sister can't even hold a job a Walmart, maybe she shouldn't be reproducing.


One of the many reason why i chose not to shop at Wal-Mart. They are bad for the US economy in so many different ways.


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But this is not my fault. My sister(14) is the one that talked me into lying.

they said if caught they won't do a thing to her. Guess again, they are heartless and would press slander charges against a 14 year old They also put me on D-Day after they read this review and told me that I should be glad that I was giving a second chance. Yeah right they only gave me a second chance because they felt sorry for me. Not out of kindness of their hearts.

Because they felt sorry for the young teenaged girl who got pregnant at 15. The teenaged girl whose mommy is filing for custody for my 18 month old daughter because she finds me unfit. The poor wittle teen who was kicked out of her house after being expelled from school and influencing her younger sister. Well dummies it was my younger sister who came up with this lie.

Not my fault. Well I am 18 now you can't push me around. I just three months ago and am legally an adult.

Fire me if you must. I can get a job anywhere now that I am 18.


Actually they are threatening to sue us now. I am the sister that the OP is talking about.

Actually I wrote this review myself pretending to be my sister. The truth is I got fired for stealing from them. Not because I called in sick. I only made that part about getting (or rather my sister) getting fired for being sick because I was angry at them for firing me.

Then they banned me from the store for a year. I got over the firing but I got angry at my 18 month old daughter for crying that I left her in the store to take a break because I was afraid I would hurt her if I did not.

I also wrote as former wa-lmart manager. Well the one with the typo.


Though other companies have compassion for their employees Wal-Mart is not one of them, we don't care if your child is dying, we don't care if you mother is dying, we don't care if you are dying just come to work or we will treat you like you are in school and suspend you. I was fired because I am a ignorant inbred *** who,.remonger.

@Former Wa-lmart Manager

need a gd union


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Wal-Mart policy is very clear. This is universal across the United States. It takes 3 unexcused absences in a 6 month period to receive a verbal coaching for improvement. If it happens again, it goes to a written coaching for improvement. The next step is a disciplinary day (D-day), essentially a suspension. The last step is termination. If these steps weren't followed, then she could have used the Open Door policy and taken it all the way up to a market manager.

If you call in sick, the first day is always an unexcused day, and then the following two days are excused as part of the same incident. If she got a medical leave of absence, then the whole incident could have been excused for a severe medical issue.

Being tardy three times will also equal an unexcused absence. So, if you were tardy nine times in a rolling 6-month period, or tardy six times and absent once in a 6-month period, you would receive your first verbal coaching, pending you didn't have other disciplinary actions taken against you. You have to clock in more than 15 minutes after your scheduled shift to be tardy. That is VERY lenient!

A lot of people that post this stuff leave out information, which isn't very truthful. In order for her to terminated for one absence, she would have already needed to have been under disciplinary action (already served a recent D-day). The other possibility for immediate termination are certain non-negotiable offenses: example would be coming to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs, theft, etc.

I am currently a C.O.O. with a small company. Information is definitely being left out here. It is unfair for you to post stuff like this without disclosing everything. :(

@Former Wal-Mart Manager

well i worked for them as several positions and it depends on what the manager allows they will coach your *** out the door, i was told to coach someone everyday and i asked who they said they did not give a *** coach that ***


What a caring sister. I commend you for having the heart to let everyone know how walmart treats their employees.

If she were to post her complaint she would definitely lose her job. It is a shame that mother's have to worry about losing their job when their child is ill.

You are a good sister for loving you sister and your niece so much. People like Anonymous are heartless inbred hags!


They are just stating the truth, besides look at her update.


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