So walmart thinks they run the world! Its a matter of time before ur true colors show thru an u look ***.

You will be another kmart. Out of business. You might not think so but here in Montana we know you will fail!!! Figure it.

Out or you will suffer! Arrogant ***

See I cant even complain without your *** rules. An I am still writing cuz you *** from arkansas are inbread mother ***. Really I have 2 have acomplaint over a 100 words *** you will never shop there again.

You can go *** yourself.

9. Out of 10 of your employees are retarded thats why you hire them

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I agree with you walmart will be gone at some point (maybe before or after both of us are gone) in the mean time they will have made a lot of money for a lot of people and I do not mean the guy stocking the shelves, the ringer, the door handler, the shipper, the received, the returner. But a lot of higher up's will have made very good money off the backs of the LOWER EMPLOYEES that is just how LIFE WORKS!!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #730852

Anonymous - everyone that is BS....does that answer your weak arz question...putz

to LTCC Mila, Mila, Algeria #730983

You, sur, are a poo poo head!! Yeah, that's what I said.

Does that answer YOUR weak arz question...putz?

What exactly is the ghe walmart laa that you're so sick of???? :eek :x
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #730752

In reading your last sentence....and your entire rant (which I could not understand - but I am sure it makes sense to you and the voices in your head)....you actually make the walmart employees look like einstein.....just saying.

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