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Sick of the customer service experiences I've had in the store, I've taken to using the site-to-store option on particular items. I'm now at the point where I'm even fed up with this service too.

Let me explain... My first experience, I waited a month to receive my item. The 2nd experience, it was 3 1/2 weeks, and now? What does this say: Your order should be ready for pickup by 1:53 PM, 04/24/2013.

1:53pm, yes? Today, yes? You read that? I go to the store to pick up my weedeater and guess what?

You did NOT waste any time whatsoever taking the money out of my account, did you? 4/24/13 8:53 AM is the time you processed the payment. It would have been really nice to came home today and presented this item to my husband who wanted to finish our yard today. At the store, she showed us that the order has not even been sent to the store yet!

It's not in the system! The item is an IN-STORE ITEM! I particularly purchased it through this method to earn online credits with Swagbucks.

Man, when will you guys EVER get anything right? #fedup

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pick Up Service.

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I have been using Walmart for years and years. I have NEVER had a problem.

I am sure most of these are legitimate but wonder about

them. How is it that I buy just about everything from Walmart and

have always gotten what I want, when I want it. I do check out what

others thought of a product before buying it and that saved me from

erring and being unhappy with an order. I love Walmart, good price,

goo value and timely shipping.

Just to give you an idea of how long I have been with Walmart I lived in Fl for 12 years, bought mostly through Walmart came back to the State I orignally lived and have been unable to go to the stor because of medical problems so do on line shopping. And never have I ever had reason to complain for any merchandise purchased.


By the way, the order still is NOT available.


Item Order Status & Delivery Date

1 Murray 17 25cc 2-Cycle Curved Shaft Gas String Trimmer

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Your order should be ready for pickup by 1:53 PM, 04/24/2013.


That is because Walmart hires ignorant low class people like LadyScot that like to use the heroin addict nikki sixx image as their avatar because it best represents her drug induced blabber.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #642158

It is absolutely amazing the people that have trouble with WalMart> I have never had trouble with the employees, managers, online ordering for same day pickup, online to have shipped to the store, or even shipped to my home. Are you sure you didn't miss a step in your ordering method?

to anonymous #766191

How ignorant are you? Just because you don't have a problem, doesn't mean they don't exist. I've shopped at Walmart for decades and recently had a nightmarish incident with customer service and incompetent oafs who should be changing tires rather than pretending to be managers.

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