My TV went out this passed September, and I set out to buy a new one. The best deals I found were on Walmart.com and Amazon.com. I decided to go with the TV on Walmart's site because they were promising Site To Store could get it to me in 3 days, where Amazon was going to take 5-7 days, and since I had no TV I wanted the faster option.

The date was September 8th, and prior to checking out the website was saying I'd get it the 11th, so I added the TV to my cart and checked out. After I'd put in my CC number, paid and everything, an "Order Summary" popped up, and it said it would arrive the 15th. Wait a minute, 2 minute ago it was the 11th, now it's the 15th? The only thing that changed was they got my CC number, which I guess is all it takes. You've already paid, now you're on OUR time.

Ten minutes later I check my e-mail, and there's an order confirmation from Walmart.com. I open it up, and to my surprise, it says the 18th!! In less than 15 minutes we've gone from the 11th to the 15th to the 18th. Long story short, it shows up on the 21st. What started out as a 3 day wait turned into 2 weeks.

The bottom line is don't ever trust the shipping eta that Walmart.com gives you. Once they have your money they will get it to you when they *** well please. They will tell you one thing, then as soon as you pay tell you something else. I wouldn't say I "lost" money because I made the choice to buy from Walmart instead of Amazon, but the only reason I ordered from them was they were promising faster delivery, and I decided to pay a little bit more for the same TV (only $15) to get it several days sooner, only to get it about a week later.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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I just have one small question.Since you wanted the tv in such a small amount of time?Why?Did you not just go to a walmart and purchase the tv youself.Then you would not be crying about your $15.00.You would have been able to carry the tv home with you at the time of purchase.Sometime's thinking a head hurt's our head's.

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Site to store in 3 days, no joking, Site to Store would take mostly 5 to 7 days and it is well known in Walmart.com, if you would like to receive your TV faster you should had pay the Rush delivery if this is what you wanted.

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